DX Infrastructure Manager Review

I really think they ought to step back and redesign the UI, but you can drag and drop servers or whatever you want to create server reports.

Valuable Features

The most valuable feature are the data gathering capabilities, metrics, and being able to publish those.

Out of the box, you’ve got reports ready to go which are all useful, especially for an infrastructure group. Server reports cover the basics – CPU, memory, disks – but you can drag and drop servers or whatever you want, ad hoc, and you can get quick and dirty.

Improvements to My Organization

We’re getting down to one tool to monitor all of our servers. Right now we’ve got two or three, so we’re trying to reduce the footprint – that allows us to have one skill set rather than multiple. It’s easier to support the business with one toolset.

Room for Improvement

The UI to me is huge. I really think they ought to step back and redesign it. Look at other tools out there and see how well the UI is working for those. I don’t think they can fix it with the technology they’re using.

The GUI for the infrastructure, to me, is antiquated. We have products that we’re moving away from that have a better GUI and they’re 15 years old. That’s one of my biggest disappointments – I don’t find myself being as productive because the GUI is so sluggish and not user-friendly. Needs a lot of work.

Stability Issues

It’s not as stable as I would hope -- we see probes losing contact with the hub, doing a failover. We see failovers and I wouldn’t expect that in this type of product – it just shouldn’t happen.

Scalability Issues

I would say it’s OK. We’ve got our environment on it, and it seems to be OK, other than the failovers, dropping of probes, and connectivity issues that seems to happen.

With the UI problems, we don’t know if that’s a scalability issue, but as we’ve added more servers, we’re having a harder time seeing all of our alarms.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Tech support is fair. I haven’t dealt with them a lot, but our team has. We’ve opened a number of issues. They respond in a fair amount of time.

One thing that jump to mind is the UIM console as we’ve had an issue with not seeing all of our alarms. It just freezes. That ticket has been open for well over a month and they haven’t come back with an answer which is hampering our progress.

Initial Setup

I wouldn’t say it’s easy or complex – it’s pretty average. I think it’s a challenge in getting probes deployed, but some of that is part of our environment. I’ve seen other products that can deploy easier than UIM does.

Other Advice

What really brings it down is the whole user interface, and deploying robots in our environment – it could have gone better. They could have a better solution. They don’t handle custom monitoring well, where you need to customize something – whether it’s an action or needing to correlate alarms easily to take an action. We really had to jump through hoops to fit our environment in that way.

I would suggest you look at what customizations you have. I would do POCs with several different tools as it’s not a one-size-fits-all, especially when it comes to scale. Most tools can do stuff out-of-the-box basically OK. It’s when you’ve got your custom situations that you need to develop, that’s where you run into a lot of time and effort depending on the tool and how well it handles that.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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