JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Review

I know how to navigate around it and to find everything I need, as opposed to having to go outside the system.

Valuable Features

I like JD Edwards as I was in on the ground floor with it. I learned it from the bottom up, so I think it's easy to use. I know how to navigate around it and to find everything I need, as opposed to having to go outside the system and the way we've set it up in our company.

Room for Improvement

If you're honest about it, users are never 100% happy. They always think, "oh, this was better than that," but it's hard to come up with one single thing or a couple of small things.

We've done customizations within JD Edwards that aren't part of the out-of-the-box solution. This is one area that could be improved -- the features that can be changed to fit your own organization.

Use of Solution

We went live with JD Edwards about nine years ago in March of 2007.

Deployment Issues

I don't recall having any issues with deployment. As far as I can remember, it deployed without issues.

Stability Issues

As far as stability goes, there's been the occasional downtime, but not anything that we haven't been able to handle beyond our scheduled outages, and those usually run fairly consistently.

Scalability Issues

About a year ago, we did an upgrade where we brought on two new facilities, so we had two existing plant locations and we upgraded our system and then brought them all online within a month. We added probably double the amount of users within a month and we didn't experience any system downtime as a result. As far as I know, they might have and not told us. I was still a user at that time. So, from my perspective, we've had no issues with scalability.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I have not personally used technical support, but I haven't heard anything negative from the team that has.

Previous Solutions

We were on an AS/400 system prior to this. Then the company that owned us at the time had to get off of that system and bring it on to a new system and they decided to go with JD Edwards.

Initial Setup

I don't know as I wasn't involved in the setup. I haven't heard that it was particularly complex.

Other Advice

You have to consider all options, but you have to know your business well, that is, what you're processes are and how the software will best fit your business needs in the most straightforward way. If you're in a manufacturing facility and you only make five products, and you don't need a lot of customization because you're more specialized, it might be easier. I think that's a big thing to know, know your requirements and what you're looking for to make sure that the software will fit within your business requirements.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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