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MicroStrategy Review
Metadata helps in scalability and organizing objects. It also helps enhance dashboard and report performance.

Valuable Features:

MicroStrategy's biggest advantage is its metadata. It is the building block of the tool, which holds the foundation of the business. Not many of its competitors have this feature in their tools. Metadata will help in scalability, organizing objects and also help enhance their dashboard and report performance.

The learning curve is comparatively small and, finally, they really improved their visualizations in Visual Insights.

Improvements to My Organization:

Data Visualization helps the company's C-level people to make decisions regarding their business, both small scale and large scale.

Room for Improvement:

They could improve the Enterprise Manager and Operations Manager components. Enterprise Manager is another component that comes MicroStrategy that acts another project inside it. Though it is a great feature, it needs lot of polishing of the objects such as attributes, metrics and others. They could also improve the pre-built reports that they provide with the component.

Use of Solution:

I have used it since 2010.

Stability Issues:

As long as the initial setup is done properly, there is nothing to worry in the long run. Users have to make sure they keep the product updated with patches.

Scalability Issues:

I have not encountered any scalability issues; one of the best things about the product is its scalability.

Technical Support:

Technical support is 3/5. Elite group customers get the best technical support vs regular customers, whose tickets get delayed.

Previous Solutions:

I did not previously use a different solution; this was my first business intelligence tool.

Initial Setup:

Initial setup used to be very time consuming and complex (because of so many components) but over the years, they have trimmed it down to minutes.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

It’s a great tool and expensive, as well. That’s why small businesses will find it difficult to afford.

Other Solutions Considered:

Before choosing this product, we evaluated SAP Business Objects, Tableau, IBM Cognos, and QlikView.

Other Advice:

You need a strong and well-experienced team to successfully implement and use the tool at its best.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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