QlikView Review

Non-technical stakeholders can quickly engage with and navigate through their data as business information.

Valuable Features

QlikView enables fast visualisation, analysis and navigation through data. It is very flexible, and offers easy-to-develop, quick-value tools for navigating and understanding data.

Improvements to My Organization

QlikView allows non-technical stakeholders to quickly engage with and navigate through their data as business information.

Room for Improvement

Data modelling is often a protracted process, with no toolset available apart from scripting. The consequent data models are not very portable at all.

Use of Solution

I have used this solution for five years, sometimes more intensively than others.

Stability Issues

One of QlikView's greatest strengths is its in-memory handling of large amounts of data. The flipside to this is some ongoing leakage, which makes it sensible to reboot once a week.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Qlik's support model for everyone except large enterprises is through consultant partners, so it depends on the quality of the partner. On the whole, they seem to be good.

Implementation Team

It was implemented via a consultant partner. They were technically very good, but one should ensure the consultant delivers comprehensive documentation. A solution is only as good as the ability to navigate through it and enhance it as the business changes.

Other Advice

Although normal advice would be to mandate that the implementation deliver to business-specific requirements, it is strongly recommended to understand the product's great capabilities, and to exploit the competitive advantages of the product. Otherwise, it becomes just another business intelligence tool blindly shoehorned into a business that doesn't gain the best value and ROI from it.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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