QlikView Review

You can use bookmarks for filters, rather than entering inputs every single time.

Valuable Features

The server load, the QVD load, ease of variable declaration, and the different dynamic charts are very valuable to me.

Improvements to My Organization

Our complete BI transformation and production was done through QlikView instead of basic Excel reporting and analysis, reducing manual input, ease of automation and more reliability in numbers, thanks to fewer human input errors.

Room for Improvement

Currently we are building a pane to use filters and select options. For a dashboard, if they would add a "Column value" filter option like what you see in Amazon on the left hand side, that would be useful.

It could also have an autosave feature, which it direly lacks.

A direct feature to export views to PowerPoint, instead of external plugins, could be useful.

Sometimes large files are difficult to read and QlikView crashes midway. So you need to start from scratch. Instead, if it could support reading and processing large files with a lot of records (4 million +), that would be useful. This was one such issue we faced while doing a BI transformation as the data generated was huge.

Use of Solution

I have used QlikView for 3-4 years now.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We did not seek technical support. I simply researched answers in forums and through Google searches, blogs etc.

Implementation Team

With the help of IT teams, the QlikView online servers were set up (one for production, one for testing). So, implementation was done completely in-house.


ROI can't be measured directly, but the power of BI can be visualized through QlikView.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

I personally feel the QlikView server license is extremely expensive and might not be affordable for most organizations. However, all clients felt QlikView was so easy to operate, see results live and visualize in great charts, easily copied to PowerPoint. They were able to easily log in, select their regions, time period and view the results in a single shot instead of viewing multiple Excel reports and looking up, etc.
They used bookmarks for their filters and that made it even easier, rather than entering the inputs every single time.

Other Solutions Considered

We evaluated Spotfire, Tableau and finally chose QlikView to be deployed for all dashboards in the organizations.

Other Advice

QlikView can be a powerful tool in your organization if you are serious about a complete BI transformation and moving away from standard Excel reporting.

Given standard training and experience, migrating to QlikView is a very good choice.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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