QlikView Review
We can make somewhat complex reports, even though it does not have the best capabilities as an ETL tool.

Valuable Features:

It works as a complete BI software solution for us. We can do complex scripting to build data models. We can make somewhat complex reports, even though it does not have the best capabilities as an ETL tool. It is not the best tool for complex reports. It also does not have the best visualizations, but it has a lot of features in one package, and that is its biggest selling point for us.

Performance is very fast. You can create dashboards for large sets of data and the dashboards are still quite responsive.

Creating dashboards takes a lot less time compared to other big vendor solutions.

Improvements to My Organization:

In my current organization, we use QlikView and we love it. We feel that for us it still does the best job possible. We want to be able to create
beautiful visualizations like we could with Tableau, but we also know that the flexibility we have in QlikView is not possible in Tableau.

Also, as of now, we have IT-driven BI and self-service is not what we are focusing on. We don’t have separate tools for ETL jobs. We think for our purposes, QlikView is better.

Room for Improvement:

In one word, QlikView has become dated now. Other vendors are providing equal or better solutions, especially for self-service, on-the-fly beautiful visualizations and ease of use.

QlikView is not moving as fast as the market trend. There are no big updates in their product that could make our life easier. As far as the useful functionalities, QlikView is the same as it was five years ago.

Other Solutions Considered:

They did launch a new tool to compete with Tableau, Qlik Sense, which they are trying to push to customers, but it actually falls behind QlikView. (They know that, but they don’t want us to compare Qlik Sense to QlikView, saying they are two entirely different tools.) We still prefer QlikView compared to Qlik Sense. Qlik Sense is incomplete at best.

Other Advice:

QlikView is your one-stop shop for all of your BI needs, and it performs well enough. With one tool, you can take raw data from your database/files and develop the complex analytic apps, which I think is the best thing going for QlikView. It’s very flexible and has matured itself well enough to be deployed organization-wide. The learning curve is definitely higher and you might need your apps developed by IT.

It is good for organizations that don't want to invest in multiple products.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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