QlikView Review

It combines ETL with powerful scripting options and a fast, flexible front end.

Valuable Features

  • Combination of ETL with powerful scripting options and a fast, flexible front end makes it like a Swiss army knife
  • Powerful front end, which allows us to make very user-friendly interfaces
  • The associative model, which allows for truly integral reporting

Improvements to My Organization

The combination of quick, agile delivery combined with a front end that allows you to easily drill through from high-level dashboards to low level details means that we can deliver according to the business case. Compared to our other tools (e.g. SAP BO), business users are using this tool a lot more.

Room for Improvement

  • Chart types; some look a bit outdated, would love to see Qlik Sense- or Tableau-like visuals
  • Central formula/measure repository, can now only be done with variables

Use of Solution

I have used this solution for eight years.

Deployment Issues

Deployment is very easy and quite stable. Only drawback is that the server can stop functioning if not enough memory is available, so that needs active monitoring once you are close to the limit.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Good, quick responses and mostly the support team is very knowledgeable. You don't have to go through multiple layers that delay the resolution, like with some other products we have experience with.

Previous Solutions

We have everything, but the combination of functions in one tool as well as the good support and quick implementation times make QuickView our preferred tool for most use cases.

Initial Setup

Straightforward, easy installation (next-->next-->next). Single sign on was a bit more complex, but way easier than with SAP BO, for example.

Implementation Team

We have implemented it with vendor teams and in-house ones (multiple installations). For a simple scenario with one server, just do the training and you can do it yourself. For a more complex scenario (we have a cluster of six servers in the cloud), it is better to let the vendor do it; they have the best connections for the complexities of clustering.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

License prices are quite high; it makes the roll-out slow as you first have to convince people of the benefits. When growing, session licenses are the best; we achieve a ratio of 1:30 for the average user.

Other Advice

Perhaps if you start from scratch, it is better to start with Qlik Sense, as it seems that most development effort goes into that product.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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