Tools4ever HelloID Review

A user-friendly interface that saves our users time

What is our primary use case?

We are a healthcare organization (five thousand users) with a variety of web-based applications. HelloID helps us with SSO to all these applications. Users can log in with their AD account and an MFA to all of the different applications, regardless of SAML, ADFS, etc.

How has it helped my organization?

The SSO option helps users to speed up the login process and therefore they gain time to do their jobs. HelloID provides us with an app where users can access web applications. We have integrated HelloID into our social intranet. Users can now start application SSO from the Intranet after they have logged in with HelloID.

What is most valuable?

The most valuable feature is the option to use SSO from different sources such as Microsoft AD, ADFS, Azure AD, SAML, form-based, etc. Now, users can log in once with their credentials and an MFA. After that, they can SSO login to all of the web-based applications.

This solution has a very user-friendly interface.

What needs improvement?

In our environment, we use Android tablets. HelloID now supports SSO to web-based applications. Our organization also uses native Android apps, and it would be nice if HelloID could publish these apps in their portal.

Integration with other Tools4ever applications such as SSRPM and IAM would be nice. 

For how long have I used the solution?

We have been using this solution for three years.

What do I think about the scalability of the solution?

This solution is very scalable.

Which solution did I use previously and why did I switch?

We did not use another solution prior to this one.

Which other solutions did I evaluate?

We did not evaluate other options before choosing this solution.

What other advice do I have?

My advice for anybody implementing this solution is to make use of a proof of concept.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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