ELMA BPM Overview

What is ELMA BPM?

ELMA BPM is a business process management platform that automates business and enhances company performance. With ELMA, business and IT collaborate using a simple visual environment where business requirements are translated into executable processes.

The solution includes a visual designer for process modeling and a web-based application for process monitoring and execution.

ELMA Designer is a modeling tool with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that enables users to create process maps, modify and improve them, adapting business processes to the ever-changing market conditions.

Processes are executed in the ELMA Web Application. It has a well-organized interface that provides quick access to different tools and options and requires minimal explanation on how to use it.

ELMA product family includes three software packages: ELMA BPM, ELMA CRM+ and ELMA Projects+: a unique combination for easy business administration. ELMA BPM comprises ECM and KPI applications that help to establish efficient workflow, improve communication within a company and manage employees performance. ELMA CRM+ and ELMA Projects+ are designed for complex end-to-end processes related to sales and project management.

ELMA Store is another part of ELMA product family. It is an on-line store of ready-to-use business processes and BPM applications. Now users do not need to design processes from scratch; they can download free or premium components form ELMA Store and start working with them in a few clicks.

ELMA BPM Buyer's Guide

Download the ELMA BPM Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: February 2021

ELMA BPM Customers

Kapital Bank, Teledoc, LRC, ASE Engineering, AstraZeneca

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