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Google App Engine Pricing

The Google App Engine pricing and product model is all about scalability. Users start out with 1GB of free data storage and traffic, but this can be increased by activating paid applications. Once you do this, you'll be able to exceed these free quotas and will pay for the additional usage. You'll set a daily limit for the extra resources used so that you do not exceed your budget. Additional resources are billed at a fixed unit rate. Instance hours are an exception as they can also be purchased on a retainer basis, whereby you buy a set number of instance hours per week at a discount. There is also a Premier option, which unlocks all tools and resources and this option starts at $150 per account per month.

Google App Engine Projects By Members

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Am in charge of a 10,000 student Learning
Am in charge of a 10,000 student Learning Management System build around using Google Apps for Education.

Google App Engine Consultants

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Principal Consultant/VP of Technology
Design, develop server and client applications using Java, Web Services, Portals, Spring, Grails, Hibernate, JSP, GSP, and servlets in JEE environment. Developed and integrated applications on different platforms in n-tier architecture using Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server databases. Over seventeen... more>>
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All job or contract inquiries should be made though this form: Developing software since 1999 with experience ranging from Python, PHP web development to GWT and Android. Also extensive knowledge of business time spent at private equity firm and CIO of a web startup... more>>
Reviewed Google App Engine: 3 reasons I would choose to use AppEngine

What is Google App Engine?

Google App Engine is a Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) provider that equips web application developers with all the resources and tools that they need to develop, test, and run their applications on Google's infrastructure. Everything is built into the kit, so with one download of the SDK, you'll be well on your way to first-rate apps.

Google App Engine customers

Khan Academy, Best Buy, Gigya, MetOffice, Getaround, Mimiboard, NewsLimited, WebFilings, and CloudLock.

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