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Find out what your peers are saying about MicroStrategy, Qlik, Microsoft and others in Business Intelligence Tools.
247,194 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Business intelligence tools report from it central station 2018 01 13 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about MicroStrategy, Qlik, Microsoft and others in Business Intelligence Tools.
247,194 professionals have used our research since 2012.


User Assessments By Topic About MicroStrategy

The one thing that we have wanted to get more into, and we have touched a little bit of, is the Esri out-of-the-box: Esri mapping geospatial analytics. In fact, our presentation includes a piece of how we were able to leverage placing that airmen station in Texas for the first time, based upon transports from a geospatial map. There also are a few others that we have taken advantage of recently. I think the chat feature inside of 10.10 is huge, especially if you are doing collaborative dashboarding. We mostly do MicroStrategy, so we prefer the single platform for analytics capabilities. There are some use cases to do multi-platform. We just have not been at a point where we can overutilize it yet, or even utilize it at all. The cases for us that come up, they are so far and few between that we really have to take advantage of it and spend a lot of time on it, so that we can sell it. I imagine in the future that we probably will have multi-platform stuff. We have some mobilize licenses right now. We have a small amount: 25. We built a couple of mobile apps. We have not jumped on the mobile bandwagon just yet. We have some use cases for it. We have not really identified where we can get the most bang for our buck. I imagine 2018 might have some of that as well, as a minor goal, possibly 2019. This being a huge issue for us, our getting into it, because a lot of our trucks, our medics, our people who drive on our trucks, and do the transfers, they all have iPads. If there is something that we can give them which says, "Hey, avoid traffic here," or do something to make a decision, that could be huge. Use cases are always a challenge.
We literally have some issues with the high-end users using the data and trusting the data. A lot of it gets dumped into certain areas, therefore we made a central repository for it. Then MicroStrategy ( /products/microstrategy ) reports off of that central repository, so we can validate the data relatively easily. Thus we can say, "Look, this is what we are seeing for Louisiana. This is what you guys have from the communication center. It matches one for one." It builds a lot of rapport between the top end users and us. When I say that, I am referring to the "C" levels, the executive committee people, and other high end users. MicroStrategy ( /products/microstrategy ) self-service is on the horizon. We have a couple of groups of people that we are trying to test out self-service with right now, specifically, our quality improvement group and our business development group. The problem for us is we do not want self-service to become this thing where there are reports everywhere and we can't manage it, so we are trying to develop some auditing processes to make sure that we are not throwing ourselves to the wolves. However, the plan is definitely to move towards self-service. We want the users to be able to be intelligent enough to make what they need and see what they want. Dossiers are going to change the name of the game for us. We want to be able to have the executive committee go into a meeting and tell a story. We want them to tell us a story, not us. I do not want to go in as an IT guy and say, "Hey, this is the story." We really want the executive committee to be able to understand that this is a way of telling a story with data, because data without information is useless. If we can get them to that point, which I am confident that we can, then MicroStrategy will have done a great service to us, and rendered time back to us to go spend on other places. That is really what we are shooting for. Dossier is a big thing for us. Geospatial analytics is huge for us. Anything that we can do with self-service is big for us. Those are the top three goals for 2018, in general.
MicroStrategy Pricing

MicroStrategy 10 Analytics Platform: A comprehensive analytics platform that is made up of the base Server, and Web, Mobile, and Architect component. Pricing varies to fit needs, for more information, visit microstrategy.com/pricing.

MicroStrategy 10 Desktop: a standalone, on-premise visual data discovery tool designed to enable business users to analyze and understand their data. Get a free trial today.

Usher: A mobile identity platform that increases enterprise safety and security by rendering digital badges to validate the credentials and identity of mobile users. To request a free trial of Usher today visit: usher.com.

MicroStrategy Projects By Members

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Learning Administration System (LAS) implementation for a European Aircraft Manufacturing Company. Solution that... more»
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Business Intelligence Project
Develop a healthcare claims analytic data warehouse with KPI dashboards highlighting claim detail anomalies.
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Microstratgey Suite setup and scratch project completion
Microstratgey Suite setup and scratch project completion within decent time
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Mobile Apps  Developed Mobile Apps for the health care business with the clinical data that we have... more»
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EMEA HRS Operational Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence with Microstrategy 9.3.1
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MicroStrategy Consultants

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Bruno bernard li?1422270866
Senior BI Consultant
Conception and modelisation of DataWareHouses, Cubes and ETL Processes Able to work as project manager, business analyst as well as developper for business intelligence solution Specialties: Microsoft BI Suite (from 2005 to 2012), Talend, Microstrategy Databases: SQL Server, Oracle SQL... more>>
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Business Intelligence Engineer
Have good experience and exposure of development, deployment and maintenance of BI solutions using enterprise as well as open source tools on web and mobile platforms. Have worked on Data integration using Talend and PDI tools. Have experience in handling projects with US, APAC and UK teams for... more>>
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TOP 10
Business Intelligence Consultant
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• Business Intelligence and Data warehousing professional with close to 5 years of experience in design, development, administration, testing, release management & Pre Sales of the projects from inception to completion. • Close to 3 years of onsite experience as a Business Intelligence... more>>
Davide moraschi li?1414329707
Senior business Intelligence consultant
Freelance MicroStrategy Professional. Author of the book: "Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy" I've been doing Business Intelligence projects with MicroStrategy and SQL Server/Oracle for the last 10 years now. I have experience in several sectors including Healthcare, Agriculture and... more>>
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TOP 20
Senior Consultant
Very strong skills in Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Also known as Navision)
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Tool agnostic decision support expert with deep experience in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and finance. Agile, results-driven consultant targeting high quality results in fast iterations with strong customer involvement, often using tools like SQL Server, Vertica, SAP Data Services,... more>>
Biconsultant785 avatar?1430832784
Business Intelligence Consultant
Bachelor degree in Computer Science Engineering at Universidade do Algarve - Faculdade de Ciências de Tecnologia, Portugal. At the moment, I'm playing a role as a Business Intelligence Consultant and I've already integrated in various projects in the... more>>
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Business Intelligence Consultant
Business Intelligence Developer - Microstrategy Agile Methodologies
Samundar singh li?1414329685
I'm Business Intelligence Consultant with exposure to MicroStrategy, SAP Business-objects and Microsoft SSRS BI providers. I'm also a guru on Microstrategy official discussion forum.

What is MicroStrategy?

Company: Founded in 1989, MicroStrategy (Nasdaq: MSTR) is a leading worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms. With direct operations in 26 countries worldwide and approximately 2,000 employees, our mission is to provide enterprise analytics, mobility, and security platforms that are flexible, powerful, scalable and user-friendly. To learn more, visit MicroStrategy online, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Product portfoilio:

MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise™ empowers leading organizations to analyze vast amounts of data and distribute actionable business insight throughout an enterprise through two distinct offerings: MicroStrategy Analytics™ and MicroStrategy Desktop™. MicroStrategy Analytics delivers reports and dashboards, and enables users to conduct ad hoc analysis and share insights anywhere, anytime, via mobile devices or the Web. It also combines the agility and productivity of self-service visual data discovery with the security, scalability, and governance features of enterprise-grade business intelligence. MicroStrategy Desktop is a standalone, on-premise visual data discovery tool designed to enable business users to analyze and understand their data. MicroStrategy Mobile™ enables organizations to rapidly build custom business applications that deliver analytics combined with transactions, multimedia, and custom workflows to mobile devices. MicroStrategy Secure Cloud™ combines all of the enterprise analytics, mobile, and security features in MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise with powerful and scalable data integration, validation, and warehousing services — all delivered in an environment where organizations can deploy transformational analytics applications in minutes.

Usher, MicroStrategy’s breakthrough security solution, is a powerful mobile security platform designed to dematerialize traditional forms of identity verification (such as passwords, tokens, and physical badges) and replace them with a single mobile identity badge that is cryptographically linked to its owner’s smartphone and dynamically linked to an enterprise’s existing identity repositories. Usher works on standard Android and iOS smartphones, and also boasts an Apple Watch™ integration.

MicroStrategy customers

Allstate Insurance, Barneys New York, Boston Children's Hospital, Buenos Aires Department of the Treasury, Campbell Soup Company, DHL, eBay, eHarmony, Facebook, Four Seasons Hotels Inc., Godiva, Hard Rock International, LinkedIn, Netflix, Pfizer, SECO (Swiss Government Unemployment Agency), Starbucks, Texas A&M University, Thomson Reuters Markets, US House of Representatives, and the US Postal Service.

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