Qlik Sense Room for Improvement

Jarno Loubser
Managing Director at B2IT
The real-time capabilities need to be improved. What I mean is, the solution needs to have the ability to leave the data where it is. This is actually something that Qlik has been working to solve, however, traditionally, the way that 99% of Qlik customers use the product is in an offline data cache. This means data gets copied into Qlik, into this Associative In-Memory Engine and then the analysis can be done. Obviously, that means data is duplicated. It also requires a certain lead time, from the time the data is changed to when the data is available in Qlik. Traditionally, that was something that was a little bit of a hurdle for customers. My understanding is that Qlik is working on several features in this area. They acquired some new products. For example, they acquired a product called Utility in the last nine months or so, which has fixed the real-time data replication change, data capture, that type of thing. I don't think I can think of any new features it needs right now. The solution needs to make improvements to the licensing model. They need to make it more affordable at scale, and to make it more affordable for those companies at the low end of the market as well. View full review »
Tami Svensrud
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at La Jolla Group
Reload failure alerts on the application within the Qlik Management Console without any use of extensions. QlikView is able to handle these alerts directly through the QlikView Management Console. We would appreciate a similar solution that is easy to set up and use. Simple formatting options in the pivot and straight tables such as adjusting line thickness and font selection and size. This can be done with extensions, but without knowledge of JSON and/or HTML these can be difficult to use. We would like to add images using inherent Qlik Sense without the use of extensions. View full review »
Adam Abwat-Johnson
BI Developer at Soak.com
The only thing I would say that comes up is that sometimes it can be a bit buggy. The product updates that come out are fairly regular, which is always nice, but getting bugs here and there that you have to work around can be a bit of a pain at times. This can be taken into account by waiting for a month or two to see if any patches come out (much like with how you would treat Microsoft releases) but if you want to get the latest updates as soon as possible then you need to prepare yourself. View full review »
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Data Visalization Architect at MSD
The areas that we feel Qlik Sense can be improved are: * The administrator tools such as user sessions, active users, task sessions, and the ability to kill, provide insufficient power over what is happening on the platform. * There is an inability to effectively manage (pre)caching (scheduling, assigning for respective user groups, etc), especially without community extensions or your own development. There is simply no way to automate. * This solution needs inbuild versioning, backup, dependency analysis, and regression testing. * This is an imparity between Windows and Cloud versions with respect to functionality. * Shared development would be a helpful inclusion. * Core functionality delivered by extensions (Telemetry, CLI) is in need of improvement. View full review »
Péter Fábián
Business Analyst at H-Hotels.com
Even though a huge set of learning material is available, anyone starting his/her journey on learning the software doesn't even know where to start it. The so-called Continous Classroom service is not cheap, but there are many free tutorials, they are not sorted or enlisted adequately though. Moreover, I'd personally be delighted with a hover function over the certain buttons in an app, I'm sure it will soon be a part of the package like many other ideas coming directly from customers and developers. View full review »
Aaron Seaman
Solutions Architect at Pekin Insurance
I would like to see Qlik add more DevOps functionality to their product. Currently, we have to turn to 3rd party products to handle things like Source Control, Code Deployment through environments, etc. This should align with the DataOps focus Qlik has been moving towards with all of their latest acquisitions, such as Attunity and Podium. Without 3rd party products, managing code, promoting it from one environment to the next, rolling back code, allowing shared development workspaces, all are very challenging and manual with the out of the box solution. View full review »
Michel Lalancette
Business Intelligence Developer at Bonduelle
The QMC needs more work. Some of the features should be available directly from the hub. Too many duplicates/publish. Intelli-sense when loading a stored qvd would help so much with remembering column names. The pop-up windows are too small when working in the QMC. There is no reason why all the front-end is responsive but the publish windows are too small for most app titles to show up completely. I wish you could work directly in a published app instead of having to duplicate it to your content then publish it again when done. I also wish you could create folders in your own content to make sorting your apps easier. View full review »
Tomás Peña
Director de administración at Agrosana Servicios Agrícolas SL
Qlik Sense advertises itself as a more focused solution so that the end-user can carry out their own reporting, in contrast to its other Qlik View application, which would be for a use more directed at IT professionals who launch static reports that are then used by the entire organization. From my point of view, the possibility for end-users to make their own reports in Qlik Sense is limited to very advanced users who have deep knowledge of the application. I think that in this sense the application could be improved much more so that a less advanced user could get more out of it View full review »
Jim Vaughan
Senior Software Engineer at Ingram Content Group
As a developer, the biggest area for improvement is in the realm of source control. If a team wants to keep track of source code changes, there is not an out-of-the-box solution for it. Doing manual version control is error-prone and does not lend itself to simple rollbacks in many cases. One other area for improvement would be discoverability. There are a lot of advanced capabilities in Qlik that are not easily discovered. Even some of the more 'mundane' features are sometimes hard to find or require a fair amount of explanation before users can take full advantage of them. View full review »
Dave Elliott
Global Solutions and Data Innovation Manager at MAYBORN GROUP LIMITED
There is a direction currently with feature releases within QLik Sense which are focused towards the SaaS or Cloud offerings of Qlik Sense. This leaves those who have invested heavily in on-premise enterprise deployments in a difficult position to gain the benefits of some powerful new features they have to look to reinvest further towards these SaaS or Cloud deployments or bring in a hybrid model. Qlik provides no real split between what features are available in each of the deployment options. View full review »
Tomislav Lepcin
BI Project manager at Fixit Gruppe
As we are a very process-oriented company, we would like to see more extensions maintained from Qlik, because it's a huge budget problem to choose the right one. Also, a small set of Qlikview features would be appreciated (such as a simple PDF report directly from Qlik Sense...) View full review »
Data Management Specialist at Marsh Limited
Several things can be improved, including: * Ability to add and customize reference lines (average, linear regression, etc.) on all charts. * There are features of QlikView that have still not come to Qlik Sense. These include "Always one value selected", option buttons, and checkboxes with extended functionalities in the Qlik bundle. I am currently using an external plug-in for this, but its performance is poor. * Legends for charts that are being colored using a formula. * Ease to add company color palette to Qlik Sense dashboard. * The on-demand report generation button in Qlik Sense currently doesn't work if NPrinting requires Okta verification, which our company uses. So, we are not able to deliver this to our business users. This is a very powerful functionality and we want to use it! View full review »
Anh Thi Pham
Data Analyst Manager at Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation
The cost of the Qlik ecosystem is higher than other competitors. The license mechanism of Qlik is quite complicated and not exchangeable. Such as 2016, they charge licenses by token, 1500$ for a token / 1 user. 2018: they change to 2 kinds of licenses: professional 1500$ / user, analyzer 800$ / user. 2019: they support subscription with 70$ Monthly for professional, 40$ monthly for analyzers, but for those you’re using perpetual licenses, they don't support acquiring more subscription licenses. The maintenance fee yearly are also high, 20% of the perpetual license. Qlik dashboards are not friendly with end-users, but they have been enhancing this shorted in some recent releases and next releases hopefully. View full review »
Srikanth Penumutchu
I would like to see real-time data feed into the dashboard, or report, without any limitations. The new version upgrades should not contain bugs in the basic, required features. Advanced graphs or visualizations must be in the built-in product, instead of building with open API extensions or mashups. View full review »
Saurabh Deora
Safety Data Analyst at Novo Nordisk
We have faced some issues with NPrinting, so I feel there is some improvement needed such that it would allow the use of variables and calculative fields from Qlik. The reload error could be explained a bit more in detail, and if they can also include a debug mode in the load script while writing code, that could also advance the performance and minimize the effort. Lastly, if the Qlik Continuous Classroom could be available for free for trained users, that would be great. View full review »
Willie Jacobs
HOD Analytics Department at OneLogix (Pty) Ltd
From the initial setup of the product, we had some struggles getting connections to some of our databases to function, this indicated that some of the data extract drivers can be improved and the addition of some of the older database engines needs to be added in Qlik Sense. One of the features that would add amazing value to us if we could have a mix of perpetual licenses and subscription licenses. This would give us the benefit to have less frequent users rather on a subscription license and use the perpetual licenses for frequent users. View full review »
User at a university with 10,001+ employees
This solution would be improved by adding some Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) components that are easier to interpret and design. Maybe adding a module where we can drag and drop various models, test them in a sandbox, and test the outputs before putting them into production would be helpful. View full review »
Dimitri Jadin
Corporate ERP Manager at BEA Europe
We want the next version of this solution to be cloud-based so that each user can access it from anywhere in the world with their phone, tablet, or computer without a VPN connection. This is very important for us because we have an initiative called 'Cloud first', and in five years, all software must be in the cloud and easy to access. Essentially, we want to stop using a physical server and avoid on-premises maintenance. View full review »
Jay Pandya
Operations and Delivery Leader at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
I would like for it to be more of a plug and play with all of the tools and sources. It would make it much easier to use. It should take less time to margin my reports and they should have reusability of existing data to make it easier for coding. View full review »
Or Medina
Head Of Business Intelligence at Israel InterUniversity Computation Center
Adding a process tree so that we can see task dependencies would be an improvement. The security rules should be made easier to use. View full review »
Gustavo Alba Garcia
User at radical
Currently, we are not very happy with the iPad or iPhone app because it is not working as we want. It is not very friendly and we very often have login errors. GeoAnalytics is getting better in each version, but from my point of view, GeoAnalytics has a lot of points to improve. View full review »
The product could be improved by implementing a user-feedback ranking system. This would inspire the new development to be prioritized by the community so that the most requested features would come first. Power BI (Microsoft) currently uses this solution. View full review »
Peter Eerdekens
Commercial Business Analyst at Asilia Africa
It would be nice to have more native features from QlikView built into Qlik Sense. Better control over Pivot tables, which should be made more customizable especially in terms of Totals, would be an improvement. View full review »
Laura Ashworth
Sr Business Intelligence Analyst at Tampa General Hospital
Some of the charts are still a bit basic and screen rendering on different sized monitors can be an issue. It is also somewhat difficult to customize the charts with the opening and closing of the different panes, making it time-consuming. View full review »
User at US Robotics
I would like to have support for table formats without having to use an extension. View full review »
Ben Roux
Better visualization options on charts such as pivot tables, and better control over total lines in the pivot and straight tables without the need to download extensions to accomplish this task. View full review »
Petr Rusnák
BI Consultant at dolphin consulting
I would like to have the ability to better customize the visuals including changing fonts, sizing, colors, axes, and titles. Additional functionality would improve this solution. View full review »
User at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
We would like to have connectors without the need for the Web Connector service. Report generation without the need for NPrinting, which has limited capabilities anyway, would be an improvement. View full review »
I believe that the area in which the product could be improved is the part related to programming and its language, which is certainly complex and still not very guided. View full review »
Mohamed Abdel Rhman
R&D Supervisor at Ofissoft
* Real online analytics (OLAP) * Better implementation of map charts * Incremental data load solution for better time saving. View full review »
Jonathan Flores
There is room for improvement in the learning curve when getting started, but training resources have been growing. View full review »
Aus Ten
Application Specialist at Queensland Health
Performing data transformations required a lot of programming, which is something that should be made easier. View full review »
Claire Worledge
Managing Director at aufinia consulting
A valuable improvement for this solution would be the enabling of us to host dashboards for our customers. View full review »
The next version should include more standard integrations. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Qlik Sense. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2021.
455,301 professionals have used our research since 2012.