Windows 10 Room for Improvement

Director Lean Infrastructure at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
I always compare products with the competition or what open-source products are doing. I would love for Microsoft to provide or participate in more open-source projects. They could do more expansion with less R&D and learn from what other developers do. The Windows interface could be much more flexible from a perspective of the user's experience. If you compare other operating systems to the standard Windows desktop experience, the level of configuration for Windows is not so great. You should be able to do more to customize it from the way it looks to the way it performs. What I also do not likes is the core of the Windows architecture. The registries and complexities that may help it to run fast also lead to issues, latent files, and other issues. Everyone who uses the product knows about having to reinstall Windows. This problem is something that still exists in the latest versions. The operating system works against itself and becomes slower after months of usage. The lag is more apparent if you install a lot of different applications. Eventually, this causes more serious issues and you need to reinstall the operating system. This is not something that you ever have to do on a Linux operating system. Linux is much more flexible. It is much cleaner and it is much easier to configure to your needs. One other issue I have with Microsoft — more than just the Windows operating system — is the lack of compatibility of their productivity tools suite. Nowadays, most people cannot live without their Office applications. Microsoft is the leader in this. Their Office products are not supported on Linux. In my opinion, the real reason people are still using Windows is not that it is a great operating system, it is because of the integrated productivity tools and familiarity. For Windows, the core of the operating system needs improvement from the perspective of flexibility and stability. As far as additional features, it is hard to really pinpoint something that Windows is missing. I think from a feature perspective and as a mature product, they are already pretty feature-heavy. They essentially have everything that a person could need and I do believe that Microsoft is doing a great job from the perspective of continually providing new features. I would prefer that they further developed the possibility of running other operating system applications. I like the features we got from Windows 10 to help incorporate the use of the Linux system. But I would love it if they made the effort to further expand on that. So the ability to better integrate with and run other operating systems would be a nice addition. View full review »
Data Scientist at Instant systems Inc.
I'm more into artificial intelligence and the data science side. So I do not like Windows that much. Setting up the environment variable, etc., needs improvement. This is true not only for Windows 10 but for Windows as a whole. It is currently a huge mess. Due to this, working with many libraries and packages becomes a difficult task. If they could find a better solution or a replacement for environment variables, I'd be extremely happy. The only thing which concerns me is updates. It gets updated often. Sometimes, however, it automatically gets updated. That is an issue. It can happen when you do not want it to be done. It's possible it can start and your files are not saved. They may be open while your laptop enters sleep mode. Then, when you re-open the computer to continue work, it all of a sudden decides to update, destroying your work. Once I accidentally did something that erased hidden folders on the C drive. It caused a lot of issues. Windows got corrupted on me. They should work to ensure that it isn't possible to accidentally delete these files or there should be a replica for them on the hard disc or something of that nature. Google has functionality whereby if you have your email ID open on your phone, on your Android phone, that means you can sync everything on your Google drive. The same thing should be provided by Microsoft. I do not think Microsoft provides a dedicated account to every valid Windows holder. This should be done so that everything you have on your local system should be somehow in synchronization with the cloud. That way, if something happens, like your laptop is stolen, or your laptop is corrupted all of a sudden, your data is not misplaced. You have your data somewhere. A sync with the cloud service should be available. View full review »
Information Security Consultant at a consultancy with 11-50 employees
The patch deployment in corporate enterprises could be improved in a way to specify when the system will update and to prevent users from interacting with this system during the actual updates. If you have a system running in a production facility, the user is only able to access a dedicated application when you then update the system, the application has to be stopped. When this happens, the system is open for manipulation. Microsoft should invest more in a way to protect users from interacting with this system during the update process. It's a very edge case. It's really important for us. I know some other production facilities. There are some third party solutions in place which tried to tackle this issue, but it would be better if Microsoft directly addressed it on their own. The solution should offer a bit of an easier integration with authentication methods, like FIDO or FIDO2 authentication with the USB-C. They should try to simplify the process of authenticating the user. Nobody wants to remember thousands of passwords. View full review »
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Senior System Engineer at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The solution could be improved by simultaneously adding more features and also giving the user more ability to decrease some features to help keep the speed of the device decent. Users should be able to access the system remotely. The solution should be more responsive and faster. It would be helpful if the solution was able to integrate better with other platforms, like Android or Apple. View full review »
IT Business Relationship Manager at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees
It would be great if the solution was more stable. It's a mass-produced product and people around the world use it extensively, which makes it a target for attacks. It needs better security against hackers. The solution needs to be more resilient against viruses. Apple computers, for example, are great in this sense. The solution could be more lightweight. The OS should be built lighter. Users shouldn't have to buy the highest-end processor or devices in order to run the OS smoothly. There should be less demand on the hardware. They could build or create an operating system that's less powerful than now. Currently, every year, we have to buy new devices just to have the best of Microsoft Windows products. If you want to have the best SharePoint, you have to add RAM. You have to have more and more powerful machines, just to have it run properly. It's demanding on the consumer. There are too many upgrades that are necessary and they happen too often. View full review »
Manager-IT at a construction company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The price is always high. Whenever I go out to buy a computer and want to buy a Windows license for it, it makes up a quarter of the total cost. It sometimes helps if it's bundled with the machine, but it's still expensive. View full review »
Consultant (Architect) at MasterCard Incorporated
Windows needs improvements made with respect to security because it is still vulnerable. Often, there are vulnerabilities found that they are releasing patches for. For example, Windows servers are still not very difficult to hack. When I was working with their products several years ago, it was really easy to break the Windows Server password. There are some features such as wireless display and remote desktop connections that are not available in the Home Edition, but it would be really helpful for home users to have access to these. I would like to see some kind of tool that can be used to plug in and connect to Azure technologies. View full review »
General manager at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
Right now, the solution is quite good and works quite well for us. I don't know if there are features that need improvement. Occasionally configurations can be a bit tricky. View full review »
Architect at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
If you need servers to be deployed in a production environment then you definitely want to look at a different operating system. From an end-user point of view, I don't see in issues in using Windows. Improvements should be made to security, making it more resistant to hacking and malware. View full review »
Group Network Specialist at a financial services firm with 5,001-10,000 employees
In terms of what could be improved, I would say the security patches. The security patches do not come very frequently with the operating systems. So this requires a lot of improvement because the security patches only come every now and then. View full review »
Embedded Engineer at a manufacturing company with 11-50 employees
One of the problems with Windows 10 is that it hangs when you open multiple programs. For example, if you are running 10 to 15 applications then the performance will slow down to something similar to Windows 7. Often, I will have Microsoft Office open, as well as my development tools, and once I have been using them for perhaps 20 minutes, everything slows down. Switching between applications at that point can take two or three minutes. I have been having some trouble with the .NET framework and it took me a full day to install it. The problem seems to be that every time it connects to Microsoft online, it is different. After several attempts, I was finally able to succeed. View full review »
Ather Khan
Head Of Risk Management at TFS
The speed and performance should be improved. Easier integration with other platforms would be an improvement. It should include a low-code or no-code solution for beginners that they can use to write applications. View full review »
CEO/Programmer at Tech Elight
The frequent update of the Operating system is bad because, during each update, most of the programs or applications do not function well. Updates should be in intervals of every three to four months, and they should have the user's choice and interests in mind before any update. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Windows 10. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: August 2020.
442,041 professionals have used our research since 2012.