Solarwinds vs Spiceworks vs Airwatch

Does anyone have a feature and price comparison for these three products? 

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Unfortunately pricing is never that simple with each product having a multi-tiered offering. Also with vastly different feature sets between vendor products it can be impossible to make side-by-side comparisons.

Before even looking at pricing or referring to the good book of Gartner you should put together a list of:
1. Everyday tasks at a functional level
2. How your team perform them today
3. Issues associated with the processes used
4. Your vision of how it could be done

Without having properly defined your requirements will set you up for the typical scenario where the project scope slowly creeps away from what is the vest fit for your use-case and spiral out of control.

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If you are looking for desktops, mobiles and server management, you can employ ManageEngine Desktop Central, which will help you to manage 50 endpoints completely free. If you are looking for exclusive MDM solution try ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus. If you are looking for exclusive patch management solution try ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus which is free for 25 desktops.

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Thanks, @tupham, we have already gone through this exercise.

Pricing is not the issue, we require a feature by feature comparison so we can determine best fit.

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Thanks, All.

I have looked at Gartner and have downloaded teh AirWatch brochure for my IT Team Leader to look at.


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I have no idea about Solarwinds and Spiceworks. Airwatch is enterprise mobility management can manage desktops and cabalities are given in AirWatch website.

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Your first best bet is to look at the Gartner Magic Quadrant for EMM, this will list pros and conns for the top tier of mdm/eem companies, buying a product on price is never a good idea, you need to look at what the clients needs, how many users, what the user cases show and then decide. Yes AIrWatch is the leader for several years now, again prices depend on needs.

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Airwatch plays in a totally different market that the other 2. Some say the 2 two are incomparable.

Solarwinds is expensive. Spiceworks NPM is free.

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Agree with Antonio. Plus, if you’re talking about client desktop management, I think you might be missing better players.

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You are comparing 3 different products.
Solarwinds play in the major league of NMS.
Spiceworks is adware and plays in the minor league.
Airwatch is an MDM/MAM product.
What is your goal?