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Head of Oracle Exadata Centre of Excellence at a tech services company
Reviewed Oracle Enterprise Manager: Allows us to quickly drill down…
Senior Technical Director at a consultancy
Reviewed Oracle Enterprise Manager: Represents the best of the breed…
Team Lead - Oracle Applications DBA at a energy/utilities company
Reviewed Oracle Enterprise Manager: Very helpful to have the ability to…
Consultant at a energy/utilities company
Reviewed Oracle Enterprise Manager: OEM provides an easy way to reach…
Sales Engineer at BAKOTECH LLC
Senior Solutions Architect at a tech vendor
Reviewed Quest SharePlex: Excellent data backup and transfer…
Sr.System Engineer / Consultent (Professional Services) - Infrastructure Management at Future Technology Systems Co. (FutureTEC)
IT Consultant at a government
Premier Field Engineer at a tech company
Reviewed IDERA SQL Admin Toolset: Allows for much easier cross server…
Customer Service & Support Manager at Natco Information technology
Reviewed Oracle Enterprise Manager: High availability and useful…