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Production Systems Engineer at Sofrecom
Reviewed Nagios Network Analyzer: A great monitoring solution that's…
Owner at David Strom Inc.
Reviewed Lastline Defender: A better way to do breach detection…
IT Security Coordinator at a healthcare company
Reviewed Fidelis Elevate: IPS security, originally from the…
Information Security Analyst at a non-profit
Reviewed Cisco Stealthwatch: Enables me to detect devices…
Chief Security Officer
Reviewed Awake Security Platform: Gives us the capabilities of a Tier…
Chief Operating Officer at Winstarbel Communications Limited
Assistant Director of IT at University of Rochester Medical Center
Reviewed Cisco Stealthwatch: Generates helpful graphical…
PIC for Cyber Security at a university
Reviewed Cisco Stealthwatch: Scalable and good for training…
Infosec Manager at a energy/utilities company
Reviewed Cisco Stealthwatch: Enables us to have visibility but…
Network Operations Manager at Philips Electronics
Reviewed Cisco Stealthwatch: Can identify down to an IP address…
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