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Aimee white li?1414329795
Website and EComm at a retailer
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Designer and Developer at a tech services company
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Oracle ATG e-Commerce Architect at a tech vendor
Reviewed Oracle ATG: Offers granular, hands-on,...
Jose francisco osorio li?1414329663
e-Commerce Solution Architect at TATA Consultancy Services
Emil nenov li?1414336499
Architect at a tech services company
769624bc 60a0 4fba ad56 969ea5126707 avatar?1448903745
Managing Member at Christiano Ferraro Consultancy, LLC
Anonymous avatar x100
Consultant at a retailer
207a27ad 03b6 4a51 8194 5ec5299e7202 avatar?1441090517
Director at Creatim
Reviewed IBM Digital Commerce: All the B2C and B2B components...
Teamlead137340 li?1414336593
Team Lead at a tech services company
Anonymous avatar x100
System Analyst at a tech services company

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