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Information Security Advisor, CISO & CIO, Docutek Services at Docutek Services
Reviewed Trend Micro TippingPoint NGIPS: Its default filters include, among…
BS Systems Engineer at a tech services company
Reviewed Splunk User Behavior Analytics: Great source for measuring customer…
Information Security Officer at a government
Reviewed Palo Alto URL Filtering PAN-DB: Enables us to have better…
Information Security Analyst at a non-profit
Reviewed Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise: Enables me to detect devices…
Sr. Systems Analyst at a manufacturing company
Reviewed Palo Alto URL Filtering PAN-DB: The ability to manage blacklists…
Chief of Technical Department
Reviewed Kerio Control: The solution is easy to use and…
Networking Specialist at Transportation
Reviewed Cisco IOS Security: EEM is a valuable feature for…
Network Security Engineer at MODEC, Inc.
Reviewed Alert Logic Threat Manager: We don't want to be bombarded with…
General Manager at a tech services company
Reviewed Palo Alto Threat Prevention: Enables us to control the amount of…
Senior Systems Engineer at Turner Broadcasting System
Reviewed Alert Logic Threat Manager: It improves our security by…

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