CA Service Desk Manager Review

We anticipate that it will replace our request management system, which we've got now in Service Desk, with a more cart-type system, though the documentation could improve a bit.

Valuable Features

I've stood it up and I've configured it and got it working.

What I like about it are the features that allow me to integrate with Service Desk Manager and Process Automation, and to build creative solutions based on the integration with other CA products.

Improvements to My Organization

Although we've implemented Catalog, we haven't used it in production yet. We built a prototype and what we want to use it for is to take over our request management system, because right now we do requests in Service Desk. I think Catalog is going to provide us more of a cart-type system.

Catalog gives us that cart view if you want to submit a request for service. Right now we are using Service Desk, but we would like to put the request management system in Catalog. It gives us a better buy and it gives us a more friendly view of ordering requests.

Room for Improvement

I can't think of any areas for improvement with the product itself, though when I stood it up, the documentation was not as straightforward as it could have been. But I figured it out without much issue.

Deployment Issues

No issues with deployment.

Stability Issues

There's really nothing for me to talk about in terms of stability as it's not yet in production even though I've stood it up and configured it.

Scalability Issues

We haven't tried to scale it yet, but I don't anticipate any issues.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I've never opened an issue with regard to Catalog.

Previous Solutions

We're using Service Desk as our request management system, but we'll be moving away from it to Catalog.

Initial Setup

I don't think I needed anybody's help to stand it up. I think the documentation walked me through what I needed to do.

Implementation Team

I stood it up myself.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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