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Several of the benefits that we've seen have been the ease of use, the implementation of it, and the actual transition from our existing solution.

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Valuable Features

I handle primarily the back end of the tool. A lot of the benefits that we've seen have been the ease of use, the implementation of it, the actual transition because we had an existing product prior too and we're moving from our vendor product to ITSM. At the time, we were very concerned about how long it was going to take us to actually do the upgrade and it actually turned out to be not a long and arduous process as we thought it was going to be.

Improvements to My Organization

The biggest things that we've noticed has been the actual performance of the tool. In Maximo we had a lag and again, it's more or less because it was a shared tool were as we have a dedicated tool now. When we went to the tool that we're now using, SDM, we noticed that the performance was so much more increased than it was in the past. People were noticing pages would maybe take like 10 seconds to come up. It was almost instantaneous as soon as they'd click submit. That's the biggest hurdle that we had to overcome was just to demonstrate how much more of an increase time to resolve an issue we can give our customers

Room for Improvement

Room for improvement I would say from a back end perspective, I would say they need to streamline a lot of the code that they're using. I think it's very bloated, I think it has a lot of extra things that it doesn't really need. Things like for example, USS and Liferay. I mean, it's a great implementation and I think it can be used together if it was done appropriately but we haven't really seen much of a benefit in the way the tool works for our needs. For other companies I'm sure they've managed to implement the two and find a way to work with it but we've haven't had that kind of luck. I would say in those terms of getting a lot of the stuff in the backend, from my perspective, is to take a lot of the stuff out, look what they actually need, streamline the product, and then push it out forward.

Stability Issues

We've had a few outages and a few bugs we've discovered. We've identified them and we've brought it up to CA's attention. They actually were very quick to get us a resolution towards that. We did have to work with our sales team to make sure we did have the right individuals in place but once we did that, we reached out, we did get a fast resolution.

Scalability Issues

The scalability of the solution has been very good. We think that it could definitely grow with our organization, it's just a matter of dedicating the resources needed to actually get that accomplished. When we first started developing the tool and putting it out there, we didn't actually scale it appropriately where we needed to. For companies looking forward, the biggest hurdle I think they need to do is actually look at how much they plan to use of the tool initially and also gauge in the future how much they think they're going to grow and not over estimate or at the same time, underestimate the usage of it.

Customer Service and Technical Support

There was a couple actual legitimate issues that we had. We started of with 14-1 and we were one of the first customers to implement that so there was definitely going to be some growing pains and some things the we discovered. Once we brought it up to CA's attention, we've had like a mixed bag at first and I think that's probably because the tool was so new and there was not many people on the service side that were really, really intimately familiar with it as they were with the past tools. We were constantly getting the, "Hey, we know version 12-7 or 12 whatever. I think it should still work like that in this new version." Once we started getting into it and it matured a little bit over a couple of months the support got a lot better.

Initial Setup

When we first did our development and implementation we didn't scale appropriately so we were not dedicating enough resources to the tool. All those bugs and issues we've been discovering initially were partly self-inflicted wounds that we had to overcome. Once we then worked with CA and said, "Well, it's not really so much of a bug or a problem, it's because you only got one core dedicated to this and you can't do much with just one core." Once we started getting our ducks in a row and start saying, "Well, how much do we really want to dedicate to the tool and how much do we want to see ourselves in the future." Once we started getting those aligned into our business needs things started to work a lot better.

Other Advice

Rating: I would definitely say it's an eight. I'm not going to be super positive and super negative but it's an 8/10.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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