Oracle Database Review

Our customers are interested in the high availability features.

Valuable Features

Especially with Oracle, you have the high availability features. That specifically is very interesting to customers. When it comes to DR, I don't use high availability. Nonetheless, according to different strategies, it also provides features such as recovery, not the same as production, in different formats. That's a good feature about Oracle.

Room for Improvement

I provide disaster recovery services; they should look at how to recover production systems during disaster recovery. They are not focusing on that. They don't do that.

I’m in this industry doing recoveries. I don’t see an feature to easily recover all of the databases, especially RAC systems. That’s where they could come up with some kind of snapshots or technology that would make recovery easy.

Stability Issues

The stability is completely amazing. It's been the industry standard for many years, so it is very stable.

Scalability Issues

As far as scalability, we can go from two nodes to I don't know, maybe 256 nodes. We can scale out, scale up and so on.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical support used to be not that great, but they are changing. They used to follow the Sun model. They are changing; it's better now.

Initial Setup

They have developed automated systems. You don’t do anything. Basically, you turn it on and it brings up all of your stuff. It's easy to use.

Other Solutions Considered

When they look at databases, I don't think people look at any other vendors. You have only Microsoft and IBM DB2, but they are not that good. No one goes with them now.

Other Advice

I think when it comes to the product, the mindset is switching. Oracle is like a legacy RDBMS. People are switching to open systems. We have all of the new SQL databases, with no license costs. Especially if you also look at cloud solutions, that's where I think you need to have NoSQL or the latest technologies. That’s where they need to focus.

I'm not an end user of Oracle. We don't run any products on it. We have thousands of customers, and they come to us for disaster recovery. That's our business. We use all of the database solutions. In a previous life, I was an Oracle DBA, and I know what it can be used for. It can store large amounts of data. You can do all sorts of RDBMS data features and it’s the industry standard; there is no other database that can compare to Oracle.

When I’m choosing a vendor such as Oracle, I look at the licensing; other costs; and the help from technical support and even from sales. Sales people say yes to everything, except when it comes to implementation. It shouldn’t be that way.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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