RadView WebLOAD Review

Throttle control allows me to slow down the load tests or speed them up while they are running.

Valuable Features

The real time stats that come back while the load tests are loading. I’m really happy with the throttle control, I really get a lot of value by being able to slow down the load tests or speed them up while they are running. I like the ease of the scripting that's required for building up the load plans. It works really well and checking is very reliable.

Room for Improvement

Well there’s one issue when I have five or six scripts-- you have to set up different percentages and the number of connections and users, no matter how I tweak it seems that when I have one of the load scripts in the mix set, a percentage of less than 8-10%, there’s a probability that it won’t run at all. Under 10% they have some fine tuning that needs to be done. I try to work around that and set it at 10% and then increase sleep intervals, etc. I wouldn’t have expected it to not run. Even if it’s at 1% it should run. That’s one thing, it’s more of a bug which isn’t holding me back.

Another thing, is that we have a VPN and two part authentication that only stays up for 24 hours, what I typically do is reset my VPN connection and start load test, I’m guaranteed to have it for 24 hours before the VPN shuts down the console. I don’t know if there’s a work around where the load will keep running. I know that there is a WebLoad plugin, which we haven’t tried.

Use of Solution

I've used it for three and a half years.

Stability Issues

I really like the stability of the product, I noticed when using it at first it would crash and was tough to configure but the latest version is a lot easier to get up and running and it’s very reliable.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

It's excellent.

Technical Support:

It's excellent. I ran in to one issue where I didn’t understand something in the script. They gave me an immediate answer and I was very happy, worked like a charm.

Initial Setup

It was straightforward, we had great documentation. I’d give Radview 10/10 for documentation. It was split out very nicely. We had no issues it was very clear.

Implementation Team

We did it all within our own team. It was set up very fast.

Other Advice

It’s been very positive. The tool itself is very viable for us. I have used it in two different capabilities. A web based app and generating load traffic through the scripts. We are driving traffic from this and we want to make sure we can handle much higher load from scalability and testing standpoint. In both cases the tool works very well.

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