Dataiku Data Science Studio Competitors and Alternatives

Read reviews of Dataiku Data Science Studio competitors and alternatives
Real User
Founding Partner at Altdata Analytics
Jul 21 2017

What is most valuable?

* One-stop shop for data preparation, blending, prediction, and optimization in a single workflow. * In-database analytics native to SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, and SAP HANA * Spatial tools for geographic analysis and data enrichment

How has it helped my organization?

We provided the whole consulting delivery on a single tool with reporting and automated PowerPoint presentations.

What needs improvement?

* GPU or multi-core CPU utilization * WYSIWYG reporting with interactive filters and graphics * Mobile integration: Triggers analytic apps through mobile phone and gets results interactively. * More statistics tools: We can use to compare... more»
Real User
CTO at Lunewave
Apr 02 2018

What do you think of IBM Data Science Experience?

Primary Use Case The primary use case is an algorithm for our radar sensor for autonomous driving. We do use it in a cloud environment for our testing. When there is more interference, the speed and efficiency of the algorithm become more important. This is where we have high hopes that this technique will help us. Not only in the current interference algorithm that we are working on, but in the future with things like object classification. • Use of Solution Less than one year. • Stability Issues It is a stable, reliable product. In our experience, everything is fine. • Scalability Issues The product should meet our stability needs going forward. • Customer Service and Technical Support Technical support is great. We have had weekly teleconferences with the...
Real User
Business Analyst at a retailer with 501-1,000 employees
Apr 04 2018

What do you think of KNIME?

Primary Use Case All analytics individuals use KNIME to integrate multiple sources of data (SQL, excel, etc.) and prep the data for static reporting. • Improvements to My Organization We are able to automate several functions which were done manually. I can integrate several data sets quickly and easily, to support analytics. • Valuable Features Visual workflow creation Workflow variables (parameterisation) Automatic caching of all intermediate data sets in the workflow Scheduling with the server • Room for Improvement The overall user experience feels unpolished.  Data field type conversion is a real hassle, and date fields are a hassle. Documentation is pretty poor. User community is average at best. • Use of Solution Less than one year. • Stability Issues ...

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