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New for 2017: APM Reviews Face-off: AppDynamics APM vs. New Relic APM vs. CA APM vs. Dynatrace vs. HPE AppPulse Suite


What do users at IT Central Station discuss in their 2017 APM Reviews?

This week, a Review Face-off is held between:

What are each solution’s most valuable features? Where would users like to see improvement?

Continue reading to read new expert advice on application performance management solutions from the IT Central Station user community.

AppDynamics APM

Question: How Has AppDynamics APM Improved your Organization?


“The benefits are less man hours, less downtime, and faster resolutions. In the past, it was, "Oh no. The application isn't working. Let's fix it."...Once we got AppDynamics, we could see that this part of the application is where the issue is. When they're trying to process these certain files, something's wrong in this sector.”

-- Gustin Eaton

Application Support Lead

ASRC Federal Data Solutions

Question: Where Do you See Room for Improvement in AppDynamics APM?


“The product has a pretty diverse metrics browser, but I’d like to see better out-of-the-box visual reporting so that we can roll this up to management. I have no doubt that will be improved in the next release.”

-- David A. Wheeler

Production Operations Systems Administrator III

Software R&D company with 1,000-5,000 Employees

New Relic APM

Question: How Has New Relic APM Improved your Organization?


“We are a web development agency, focused on Drupal CMS. As New Relic is already integrated with Drupal, we can get our projects done with best practice and with the best value that we believe in.

New Relic provides deep analysis for data and server health so it lets us know of network bottlenecks before we deliver the project to enhance our product. Therefore, we can be sure that we deliver the best value for our customers.”

-- Abdullah Aldebas


Shared Technologies

Question: Where Do you See Room for Improvement in New Relic APM?


“We utilize the APM, BROWSER, and INSIGHTS dashboards on a daily basis to monitor the health and performance of our application...We really love the INSIGHTS query and dashboarding capabilities.  It would be great to see this expand even further with more options for querying.”

-- Ken Maier


Financial services firm with 51-200 employees


Question: How Has CA APM Improved your Organization?


“In our organization, it was very common to create crisis rooms where we gathered experts from all areas to investigate an application problem, by allegations of users of problems of slowness and errors. After we started using CA APM in our environment, we managed to reduce the creation of these rooms by 90%.”

-- Felix Mendes Sutarelli

Computer Technician

Tech services company with 1,000-5,000 employees

Question: Where Do you See Room for Improvement in CA APM?


“The CA APM workstation (console) connection is too slow with some metrics.
The integration with CA Spectrum is quite difficult to create, and it is also only one way, only being used to view alarms coming from CA APM.

It would be interesting to visualize APM metrics in CA Spectrum OneClick. I see a need to improve this integration.”

-- Felipe Silva Castro

Support Analyst

Financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees


Question: How Has Dynatrace Improved your Organization?


“We isolated to root cause on multiple occasions, identified performance bottlenecks in load balanced app infra, and delivered unparalleled usage and performance reporting for newly designed applications.”

-- Randall Hinds

Program Manager -- Enterprise Command Center

Financial services firm with 1,000-5,000 employees

Question: Where Do you See Room for Improvement in Dynatrace?


“If you have many distributed servers, you will need to install or migrate every agent. This can be a problem if you have too many, and it takes time.”

-- Arda Haliloglu

Computer Engineer

Financial services firm with 1,000-5,000 employees

HPE AppPulse Suite

Question: How Has HPE AppPulse Suite Improved your Organization?


“We have a lot of quick wins. I call them quick because AppPulse has only been in the environment for a short time.

We've been able to find misconfigured network segments, we've been able to find data we've never had before, like our logo transfer from our content delivery network, and how long it took to move over.

We've found issues around daylight's savings time, and customer portals that we probably would not have found on our own without AppPulse.”

-- Leonard Tocco

Supervisor Infrastructure - IOC


Question: Where Do you See Room for Improvement in HPE AppPulse Suite?


“We monitor applications, for example, from five different machines. I'm running the same transaction on five different machines, but when I run the report it's aggregated, but I want to be able to split that up...Having these data points maybe helpful to our development team with some analytics, from a transaction standpoint, maybe starting to know when a transaction trended towards bad.”

-- Joe Rolfes

Application Development Specialist Lead

Energy/Utilities company with 1,000-5,000 employees

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In this batllecard is important to mention Aurea CX Monitor I think is better than other tools you mention, such as HP, CA and probably New Relic, it is really similar that AppDynamics

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