Application performance management %28apm%29 report from it central station 2017 06 24
Find out what your peers are saying about AppDynamics, CA Technologies, New Relic and others in Application Performance Management (APM).
213,874 professionals have used our research on 5,586 solutions.
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What is Application Performance Management (APM)?

Application Performance Management (APM) is the work of monitoring and managing a software application’s performance and availability. APM’s scope further includes performance measurement for virtually any IT asset that affects end user experience. The goal of APM is to detect application performance issues in order to adhere to an agreed-upon service level. In particular, APM is focused on app response times under various load conditions. As part of this, APM also measures the compute resources required to support a given level of load.

According to members of the IT Central Station community, APM tools serve multiple masters. Developers need to understand app performance characteristics in order to ensure an optimal software experience for end users. Business managers and IT department leaders use APM data to help make decisions about infrastructure and architecture.

As applications grow more complex and interdependent, APM users express high expectations for potential APM toolsets. Accessibility, manageability and scalability are essential. Users argue that an effective APM tool must give business stakeholders accurate, understandable data while allowing developers to dive deeply into stored data over the long term.

APM users want APM tools to measure the deep internal transactions that take place inside an application or between integrated system elements. They want APM data in real time, across multiple application tiers, with transparency along the entire application process chain. Some refer to this as “full stack tracing.”

Ideally, APM data should be measured against user experience as a key performance indicator. For example, if a bottleneck is being caused by database latency, users want to understand the root cause so they can fix it immediately. This might require an alerting based on patterns and “baselining.”

Some expect APM tools to enable the discovery of complex distributed application architecture or even microservices and containers. After all, not all application architecture is known at the outset, and it certainly changes over time. Users need APM tools to be proactive whether they are used in dev, test, QA or production environments.

The APM toolset itself should have low impact on application performance. The measurements it takes have to be easy to interpret and place into a business-friendly reporting output. For instance, IT Central Station members suggest that APM tools should offer a predefined customizable reporting capability, with high visibility and a capacity to export and report on large quantities of raw data.

Application Performance Management (APM) Reviews

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Application performance management %28apm%29 report from it central station 2017 06 24
Find out what your peers are saying about AppDynamics, CA Technologies, New Relic and others in Application Performance Management (APM).
213,874 professionals have used our research on 5,586 solutions.
Application performance management %28apm%29 report from it central station 2017 06 24
Find out what your peers are saying about AppDynamics, CA Technologies, New Relic and others in Application Performance Management (APM).
213,874 professionals have used our research on 5,586 solutions.

Application Performance Management (APM) QuestionsAsk the community a question

Ddp 8148
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Aymen TouziIn order to evaluate/benchmark APM solutions, We can based on the 5 dimension... more »
Birzu alexandru adrian li?1414334311
Birzu Alexandru-AdrianWhen you want to evaluate an APM Solution in my option the most important... more »
9404e61e 7167 44ab a47b fa4886c1c20c avatar?1443112092
Yannick Germainscalability and flexibility come first, in order for an Organization to... more »
Director at a tech consulting company with 51-200 employees
99d899e0 d68d 40d2 b2af adb4c34229dc avatar?1435085680
Randall HindsSome good info in comments here; sharing from my personal experience to... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Daniel NewkirkHello, The primary benefit of deploying robots is that they allow you to... more »
Owner138303 li?1414336767
stittelHi there, Why use Active and Passive Monitoring for a... more »
Owner138303 li?1414336767
stittelMark, Sitescope is a bottum up (technical) monitoring tool. It is... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Monica TokuharaThe solutions have different purposes. I think it's better to summary both of... more »
Derek abing li?1414339097
Derek AbingHello, Just to add to some of the comments regarding dynaTrace. So far... more »
Senior Support Engineer at a comms service provider
Ted longley li?1414332221
Ted LongleyAs you can see from the responses, there are a number of ways to skin this... more »
Andrew roper li?1422460374
Andrew RoperDepending on whether or not you own the equipment that is connecting those... more »
Darragh delaney fullpng
Darragh DelaneyGood few suggestion so far which include some sort of flow data as a source.... more »
Ddp 8144 %281%29
Avigail Sugarman
Community Mgr
Community Manager
IT Central Station
Anonymous avatar x60
Rajesh Kumar
Real User
Infrastructure Expert at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Farooq KhalidI would recommend go with Enterprise manager as it will give you a more... more »
Roch NaJaI never use OEM for PeopleSoft but I use FogLight for monitoring WebLogic. I... more »
E8b046e0 cbe6 4db1 91a9 caccb5405f1b avatar
Leo La CiuraI agree with Farooq Khalid, You can use OEM for Weblogic monitoring and... more »
Ddp 8144 %281%29
Avigail Sugarman
Community Mgr
Community Manager
IT Central Station
Owner138303 li?1414336767
stittelHi Kristof, I'm aware of the Tibco EMS update, but it still doesn't... more »
Owner138303 li?1414336767
stittelRegarding dynaTrace: To enable track and tracing of individual messages on... more »
Kristof renders li?1414336053
Kristof RendersStephen, Tibco EMS will be supported in the upcoming dynaTrace release, as... more »
Anonymous avatar x60
Judy Ellis
Real User
Systems Programmer at a insurance company with 501-1,000 employees
Anonymous avatar x30
Henry SteinhauerWhile I do not have the product, I would lead you to ask some more questions.... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
cohswaPrice was certainly a HUGE consideration for us, but who cares what it costs... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Gary WWe have been using IR360 for about 2 years now. We have very diverse hardware... more »
Picture 1132 1356878581
Real User
Architect at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Anonymous avatar x30
Henry SteinhauerAppDynamics, New Relic & CA Technologies? It all depends on the... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
practice8838I agree with Mike in everything except the part where he says CA can only... more »
Mike smith li?1414333946
Mike SmithAll three are good tools for monitoring web application transactions. Of... more »
Senior Network Support Analyst at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Ddp 8144 %281%29
Avigail Sugarman
Community Mgr
Community Manager
IT Central Station
Add helciojr
Helcio Jr.Here are my considerations: Which APM tools do you use? CA APM Suite: CA... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Don DarwinI work closely with New Relic APM and have worked closely with CA (Wily) APM... more »
Analyst9288 li?1414329458
TarjeiI would recommend spending a good portion of time deciding on what the goals... more »
Mike smith li?1414333946
Mike Smith
Consultant at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Matt zanderigo li?1414329641
Matt Zanderigo more »
Ddp 8148
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Add randygrein
Randy GreinInteresting approach Bill, I'll have to think about it. Rusty, I don't... more »
Scott glasser li?1414331143
Scott GlasserI would suggest these primary criteria: 1. How straightforward is the... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Bill DolanI cannot share a matrix, but I do have a general philosophy that helped me... more »
4a884903 cbb4 4a01 ae18 b85d9b060dbc avatar?1439231342

Enterprise IT Management Consultant
Data Analytics for data-driven IT decision-making Event Management and Monitoring benchmarks Predictive Models and Anomaly Detection IT Automation / Orchestration Architecture, deployment, support and consultancy for IT Enterprise Management software. Master Data Management, CMDB ITSM... more>>
F859dc96 b799 403d 94b8 f77752c630c9 avatar
Senior Application Consultant (Project Manager)
Present work:- 1). I am 'Senior Consultant'​ @ GSS Pvt. ltd and working with Client in Banking sector, I am responsible for 'CA Technologies'​ tools like 'CA WILY'​,'CA Cloud Monitor/Watch Mouse'​,'CA Nimsoft'​, Pingdom, Zabbix. 2). I am supporting and managing different kind of clients in... more>>
Add helciojr

Business Solutions and Innovation
Systems Analyst, Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), ITILv3 IT Service Manager, PRINCE2 Project Manager, Scrum Agile Product Development, TOGAF Enterprise Architect. Graduated in Technology, a post graduate in Telecommunications Networks by... more>>
5da0e68c ce8b 4534 b168 bc4525e2697d avatar
User Experience Management Consultant
• 20+ years of information technology experience, including twelve years of leadership/project management roles, in process analysis, software architecture, development, data modeling, implementation, infrastructure support and change control management. Analysis and design of medium to large... more>>
Reviewed Riverbed SteelCenter Aternity: It's improved our organization by giving us...
A81941d3 381e 4c7f 9e64 6e0cae0f5d2f avatar
Senior Performance Consultant
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ►► Application Performance Management Enthusiast ◄◄ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ☛ Over 8+ years of diverse experience in delivering critical solutions for Application Performance Management. ☛ APM Tools- Provisioning, Architecture & Implementation for... more>>
Omar sanchez mr tech avatar 1434666108?1434666106

Information Security Advisor, CISO & CIO, Docutek Services
About my business: Docutek is a leading business and technology consulting company specializing in the development and implementation of healthcare technology since 2008. We deliver Consulting, Integration, Support and Training. We also provide clients with security assessment. network... more>>
Reviewed TippingPoint Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System: Its default filters include, among 2300 others,...
95215e68 e6a2 46b5 8ba9 b86c3de2dd88 avatar
TOP 10
Senior Performance Engineer Consultant
0be5a552 fbaa 492b aaad c8341f489f54 avatar?1441286069
TOP 20
Software Development Consultant
D8ef476c fa8e 40ef 8c53 7de69a7fb5ff avatar

Senior Application Consultant
I am working as a Presales And Technical Consultant with More than 5 years of Total and relevant Experience in CA Tools Like CA APM, CA Netqos ADA, MTP,Performance Center, CA UIM(Formerly known as Nimsoft). Having good experience in EMS/NMS Tools deployment configuration and customization. I'm... more>>
Carlos ortiz de zevallos torrents li?1415838208
TOP 20
Auditor ISO20000:2011 Auditor ISO27001:2013 (BSI Lead Auditor Certified) PEN Testing & Forensics Security Analysis (Kali Linux) Detection/Defensive Actions (IDS/IPS Onion Security: Snort, Suricata, Snoby, Squert, Sguil) Analista BPM Certificado SCRUM Manager Certificado ITIL 2 y... more>>
Mike smith li?1414333946

Add todpaton

I have over fifteen years of IT systems, application and network management experience. I have worked on over 60 successful systems management projects with more than 40 different clients. My industry experience includes major companies in communication, education, pharmaceutical,... more>>
Reviewed BMC TrueSight Operations Management: Upgrading BPPM – Is it too late?
Vaibhavvir singh li?1414331793
#Worked on different Platforms - Application Performance Management (APM) - End to End Monitoring of IT Infrastructure and Applications, Enterprise Business Integration (EBI) - ESB, MB, Tibco Products etc #Part of handpicked 3 member team at Wipro Technologies that ventured to design and... more>>
Add jaideepsinghsra

Over 7 Years of Experience in Enterprise/Network Management Tools (EMS), Systems, Network & Troubleshooting. Domain experience in providing solutions around IT infrastructure management using CA Technologies Enterprise Management Systems in terms of implementation, administration and... more>>
Cedric larfeil li?1414339585

13+ continuous years activity in enterprise networking standing various positions : operational, deployment, design, technical project management. Ability to handle customer needs and provide relevant technical solutions to them. Excellent team worker but great capacity to work... more>>
Reviewed Riverbed SteelCentral AppResponse: Efficient network troubleshooting and application...
840f16f5 bc83 41be bebc 72c55dcc26ea avatar

Solution Architect
I'm a solution architect and an IT veteran, working in IT since ’93, the last 8+ years for PQR. My primary focus is End User Computing. I'm unbiased, with a focus on all EUC vendors making sure the customer will get the best solution possible. I'm a VMware vExpert and a member of the VMware EUC... more>>
649efb69 bd91 4afc ade8 1cccee441d4d avatar?1456387320
Sr. Hybris Consultant
As a Service Manager I am responsible for the quality, availability and stability of an online solution. I have spent years as a developer at eFocus and have gathered a lot of knowledge about the technology and software of online applications. With this knowledge I am happy to advise on the needs... more>>
Veikko nokkala avatar 1433749491?1433749489
My personal goal in business is to provide my customers a valuable and professional outcome in any project. I have started my entrepreneurial work when I was 15 years old and have since worked in various jobs getting an excellent overall look on business. I love working with people and my... more>>
Fbc40070 baa7 410f a0a8 224528b510a7 avatar?1437380287
Managing Director
15+ years experience in enterprise IT management in ITSM, BSM, CMDB and Enterprise Software development and delivery. Experience in building a company from inception to execution, including all business development activities, Software development, Operations and delivery. Working closely with... more>>
Anonymous avatar x100
Consultant Engineer
Reviewed CA Application Delivery Analysis: Gives us the ability to configure the application's...
Roland shepard li?1414337871

Performance Management Consultant
Reviewed BMC TrueSight Operations Management: BMC BPPM Architecture Size Scale and Capacity...
Anonymous avatar x100

Specialize in DevOps with a focus on Configuration, Build and Release Management. Always planning one step ahead to learn and develop another skill in the never ending techverse known as IT. Specialties : 'DevOps'​ with 'Application Life-Cycle Management (ALM)'​ with a pinch of 'Application... more>>
Aa16dff1 9d34 41ea 96da bcc6d28aff1e avatar
Senior Technical Consultant
Reviewed Quest Foglight: We have had no stability issues.
Anonymous avatar x100
Senior Systems Architect, Developer, Consultant for the following companies: • American Express • Commercial Union Insurance • ConEdison of New York • General Motors • IBM • JP Morgan • Lockheed Martin • Manufacturers Hanover Trust / Chemical Bank • Mars Inc. • Merrill... more>>
Reviewed Avada Software Infrared360: The product has been excellent, stable and support...
Add dc

Architect and ITSM Consultant with a BS from Yale University and an MBA My Skills include the following: A) Infrastructure and Solution Design: Designed infrastructure components to support multi-tiered solutions including DR Environments, Hardware, Operating Systems and Storage. B)... more>>
Reviewed Dynatrace: End User Monitoring
P1 sqaure

BMC TrueSight & PATROL Consultant
ITIL Certified by ISEB PMP Certified by PMI PATROL-CE Certified by BMC Software OCP Certified by Oracle Trainer Certification from Peak Potentials As a subject matter expert since 1995, I specialize in implementation, customization, and training of the following product lines: BMC... more>>
Reviewed BMC TrueSight Operations Management: Before implementing consider: Scalability, High...

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