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User at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Jenkins can be used for build &CI. UrbanCode build is also used for Build&CI and ElectricCloudAccelerator is also used for Build&CI.Which tool do you recommend?
AxbladeThe final answer is very dependent on your goals. I don't have experience with UrbanCode or ElectricCloudAccelerator, but both these solutions seem to be optimized for very specific tasks. UrbanCode is made to support IBM infrastructure (WebSphere?) and ECA is dependent on make. On the other hand, Jenkins can be set up to build and deploy a very wide range of applications. It defaults to Java world, but it's easy to install plugins for different languages/tools for Linux/GNU world and MS and Apple technologies. The user interface can look outdated, but the Blue Ocean project can help with it ( One other benefit is that Jenkins has very good integration with various IDEs, other 2 tools you mentioned do not have it as far as I know. Jenkins also has downsides: It has pretty cumbersome settings and security mechanics and backups can be difficult to set up. Jenkins stores its configuration in XML files in folder tree structure. Summarizing, if you want to have a general purpose tool to build your CI/CD and automation pipelines, I strongly suggest using Jenkins. But it's worth checking other tools, there are plenty on the market. Some of them are easier to set up or provide managed environments, so you don't need to have your own build machines (Jenkins also has SaaS version
Eric MinickStatements above regarding UrbanCode Build are incorrect, it is general purpose not websphere specific. I'm a product manager at UrbanCode and have been in the CI space the past 14 years with commits on both open source and commercial tools there. I'll try to be balanced. I would first note that EC Accelerator is a different kind of tool. It is build grid acceleration. It can be compared to something like Xoreax Incredibuild. These tools try to take an 8 hour build and make it take 30 minutes. If you have large C/C++ builds, totally check both out. You could use them with any CI tool. If you have a 5 minute Java or .Net compile/package/unit test cycle don't bother. EC also has build capability as part of it's ElectricFlow suite. That is the closest to an IBM UrbanCode Build you'll find as you have CI tools optimized for enterprise scale and integrated with application release automation capabilities (UrbanCode Deploy in our case) for sophisticated CD. So obviously if you're using EC or UC for deployment, you should absolutely consider their build capabilities. UrbanCode Build was created after CruiseControl and Hudson/Jenkins had commoditized team level CI. So if you have just a team or a small business unit to worry about, we like Jenkins or TravisCI. If you want a hosted option, CircleCI, GitLab, etc are all swell too. We focus on central teams that want to deliver CI as a service to dozens or hundreds of squads. Some clients have thousands of monthly users on a single instance. To support that model, UC Build forces you to create templates and stamp out projects based on those templates. That promotes consistentcy and makes maintenance of build processes at scale doable. It is also set-up for reporting at scale. So my advice is to first bucket yourself into the size of deployment that you're looking at, then into whether you want to run a tool yourself or if you want it hosted. Then go from there.

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