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Since it emails us alerts when certain things happen, we can start working on a problem before our customer notices.

Valuable Features:

I like that I can see the stack trace when problems are detected. This points me to the area in the code that needs to be fixed.

Improvements to My Organization:

We have AppDynamics set up to email us alerts when certain things happen. We can start working on a problem before our customer notices.

Room for Improvement:

I did not find it easy to understand at first. It just looked like this sea of information, and I couldn’t see the logical breakdown of things, and the names for things didn’t immediately help me figure out what they were really for – what it could help me see and do.

Use of Solution:

About a year.

Stability Issues:

None that I am aware of.


I don’t know what we spent on it, but whatever we spent, it was a good investment. This tool is helping us get our application free of bugs and performance issues.

Other Advice:

Learn as much as you can about it. It can do more than you think. Make use of the enthusiasm of the AppDynamics employees to help you learn.
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kapilmalik1983ConsultantTOP REVIEWER

I see that you have been using it now for a year now. What kind of challenges did you face during AppDynamics implementation?

18 May 14
Sr Software Developer with 501-1,000 employeesReal User

I wasn't involved in the implementation. I started using it after it was already installed and set up. So I apologize but I don't feel qualified to answer that. I can only say that when I started using it, initially the challenge for me was one of understanding all the massive amount of information I was looking at. That's where the AppDynamics staff came in and helped me understand their product and what I could get out of it.

19 May 14
kapilmalik1983ConsultantTOP REVIEWER

Since you were not involved in implementation, have you found it interesting starting as a new user of AppDynamics? or did you face any issues in understanding it?

24 May 14

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