AppDynamics Review

We used it to analyze our APIs and web services.

Improvements to My Organization

We have analyzed so many of our APIs and web services. It showed how much data and how many times each and every API and web service is used. We didn’t know how much they cost; we are paying thousands of dollars for our web services. If we can save on those costs and enhance the performance, that's priceless.

Valuable Features

I think the performance and interface are the most important features.

Room for Improvement

The way we execute it, it takes a bit of time, like every tool. If they can improve that; instead of taking 10 seconds, say it takes 5 seconds or 3 seconds, that would be great. Maybe some more CPU power or something like that could be an area to improve.

Stability Issues

It's pretty stable; there has been no down time, and it does not hang.

Scalability Issues

It scales very well for our needs.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The support is awesome, so whenever we get something, we call them. We get 24-hour support, which is great.

Initial Setup

Initial setup was straightforward; that's awesome.

Other Solutions Considered

We looked at many other products at a few conferences. We saw a couple of more products and then we came back to AppDynamics; we are working with them for the last two years.

We decided to go with AppDynamics based first of all on performance, features, and the benefits we would get; whether the product was being offered per instance, per developer or for the whole team. The price, is it per instance or per year? We decided, based on all of these, that we should go for AppDynamics.

Other Advice

Go through the features it has; it has many of them. If you just buy it and use it for small things, it's not worth it. It has many features and capabilities; it is capable of doing many things. Go through the features in detail, or even go through training to get an idea of what it can do. It's a big product.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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