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IQ Bot is going to disrupt the market


What is our primary use case?

We have headquarters in London and we also have a presence in the US, Dubai, and a global development center in Hyderabad. We specialize in digital services such as our own chatbot platform, and we are also working on a specific OCI platform called PixTract which would complement existing RPA tools as well as many other projects which are relevant in this scenario.

As we are a partner of Automation Anywhere, there are quite a few use cases that we believe can provide good solutions for most organizations. We are looking at showing that Automation Anywhere is a good solution in terms of automating a lot of centers out there. There a lot of mundane tasks which happen in such centers and which include a lot of processes. I believe that automation can really do a lot of justice [in such cases]. It could be invoice processing in insurance or it could be claims processing in any type of insurance. [It can be used for] automating a lot of manual processes. I see a lot of areas where we can actually do it.

As we speak, we are talking to an insurance company. We are planning to have a PoC on their invoice automation and I see great potential with it.

What is most valuable?

IQ Bot is something which is going to disrupt the market in the future. We, at Avenir Digital, are particularly impressed with the evolution of IQ Bot and the kind of disruption it is bringing to the OCR space. We are also looking forward to leveraging IQ Bot in addressing a lot of other areas apart from automation or RPA as a tool. We would also want to take IQ Bot to the next level and into other areas.

When talking about IQ Bot, we are talking about computer vision, we are talking about OCR in particular. Thanks to the Digital India campaign, most Indian organizations are actually looking forward to automating their manual process in terms of scanning their ID cards, their bank cards; a lot of validation that happens manually. Everything can be automated and I believe IQ Bot could be a significant contributor there in automating all these. That is one area that we are looking forward to.

What needs improvement?

The new version 6.5 has come [out]. They are still working on the handwritten format — they want to get more accuracy in handwritten forms, which might take some time. It's everywhere, because the algorithms are evolving and the technology is only going to become more and more accurate. That is one area where we are really looking forward to understanding how IQ Bot can really leverage handwritten forms and also make significant progress into what could be called the "untouched places" at the moment - as far as rural India is concerned.

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

We have worked with various tools over many years and we believe that Automation Anywhere is one of the most stable platforms. When it comes to concurrency, it provides a great platform for large organizations to go ahead and use this. I believe this platform is very stable.

How are customer service and technical support?

More than the technical support, we have been relying on presale support. In the future, we might need the technical support as well, when we locate complex use cases. But the presale support and the partner-enablement support have been a great help for us until now.

How was the initial setup?

It's getting simpler day-by-day. The innovation that Automation Anywhere is taking up in terms of getting started in setting up their environment, is making it simpler. I see no problems. It's only going to be better and better. It gives a perfect platform to jumpstart. 

More than that, the initial training that we are being provided also helps us in getting a good, smooth start.

What other advice do I have?

Our general approach to RPA implementation is to go with a PoC first; do a discovery followed by a pilot if needed, and then do full-scale development. That way we can make sure that our customer fully understands the potential and the relevance of the tool.

The reason I'm giving Automation Anywhere an eight out of ten is that no product is perfect.

IQ Bot
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