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High performance end-to-end vision from user devices to backends

We have chosen DynaTrace back in 2012, after comparing with other APM solutions on the market: our choice has been motivated by the very high level of abstraction we have seen when analyzing our infrastructure: Where it took many time and several people to understand complex transactions before Dynatrace, we now use the drilldown feature to find relevant information within minutes. The product allows us to build so called business transactions (a sort of high level filter) to track complex transactions on a business level: it allows us to measure business concepts like conversion rates etc instead of measuring lower level values and having to combine them by ourselves to get business meaning out of it. We recently added the dynaTrace UEM agents (by adding a lightweight library) into our iPhone and Android applications: The advantage is that Dynatrace correlates the measures on the devices with those on the backend servers giving us a end-to-end vision of the transaction, from the user's phone deep into the backend servers. Great for measuring network latency, user satisfaction, and reverse-analyzing transactions up to the user actions!
All in all a very solid product, we are very satisfied.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarit_user276519 (User with 10,001+ employees)

I completely agree that Dynatrace is the go to tool when it comes to complete end-to-end visibility for you application. We made huge architectural changes to our site about a year ago and were looking for a tool that give us the visibility not only on the server side (which many other APM tools provide) but a deep visibility on the client side.
After 4-5 different product evaluation, we picked UEM as it came out on the top of the list with so many useful and required feature. During the product evaluation, we also found out that UEM also provides the end-to-end visibility that is integrated with Dynatrace APM tool. We have successfully finished the UEM implementation in 2 phase and now we are getting into the 3 phase which is to integrate the front end with the back end by installing Dyntrace APM agents as we are currently using a different APM tool for back end.
With in few months, we are looking at a end-to-end Dynatrace tool stack that provides in depth visibility from the actual end user all the way to the database and other 3rd party back end integration.
Can't wait to get to that end state!

Happy monitoring!!!