Oracle E-Business Suite Review
It provides an end-to-end flow.

Valuable Features:

We have a lot of modules such as finance, receivables, and so on. The end-to-end flow is there. The features that Oracle has provided are good as an end-to-end solution. We use that and it's good, actually.

Improvements to My Organization:

They have provided a lot of front-end programs, with which we can import data from different systems. Data from various systems comes through a single system. Then, from that data, we can generate the reports. That one single system gets data from many downstream systems.

The main thing is, if you want additional functions or any customization, you can also do that on top of the product. That route is more beneficial.

With reports, we have various options. We can generate reports in a particular format, and so on, with various options.

Room for Improvement:

Right now, I don’t think the version that we are using supports mobile devices. I think it is on the desktop only, although we can select laptops. I’d like to see a mobile version.

Stability Issues:

It’s pretty stable.

Scalability Issues:

As I’ve mentioned with the customization, you can do that. So, in that way, it's scalable.

Previous Solutions:

Actually, I believe I was using Oracle already, but that was on the database side. That was limited to my field only, and so that's the reason I moved.

Initial Setup:

I was not involved in actually setting up the product, but I am involved in some of the customization we do. Sometimes we have to do setup, but that is not initial setup. We make some modifications.

Setup was mostly straightforward; it was not that complicated. We had some user manuals and some recordings, which made it easier.

Other Solutions Considered:

From the beginning, we were only using Oracle. It's not a small product, it's a big company. Going from Oracle to another vendor would be very costly. That's why they are not thinking about it. Maybe for the next 5 to 10 years, my company will be using only Oracle, but I'm not completely sure.

When I’m choosing a vendor such as Oracle, I look at all factors such as scalability, price and so on. Nowadays, there is a lot of freeware available in the marketplace. We look at performance but also at big data. For example, Hadoop is freeware, so price is definitely one of the factors.

Other Advice:

The kind of features they have provided is very helpful. It's very user friendly.

Look at the features Oracle provides and also at the customization options. For some products, there are limitations; for example, you cannot customize it. We can directly do the customization in the Oracle application. It’s not like we are developing some third-party application, and from there importing the data. We can directly customize the main application; this way, it is easier. Nonetheless, there are some risks involved with that as well… :)

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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