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One clean database - a company's dream come true

We struggled for several years with disparate databases for customers and prospects. Neither sales nor support staff were able to give the time needed to learn the other department's systems. After researching the many options, QuickBase seemed to give the most logical solution to our pressing CRM issues. And, its flexibility and multiple apps would allow us to add other workflow management schemes to our systems. 

We have been thrilled to have all our info in one place.  It is so convenient for people who are traveling on company business to be able to see their customers' info without being tied to a local computer, and to be able to update that info on the fly. 

In the "old days" getting reports from the various systems required a lot of trial and error, specialized SQL statements written by the IT department, and more. Now, a few clicks and each employee can generate whatever report s/he needs right then and there.

What's missing? There are some lacks of congruence between the help files and the actual application, with "this information refers to a previous version of QuickBase" appearing somewhat frequently. It would be nice to have a QuickBase for Dummies sort of thing that reflects the current version (yes, I know that's not a QuickBase-produced item). And I am never a fan of grayed-out options that spring to life when one hovers over them. People of a certain age have enough problems seeing; when it's very challenging to tell what is active and what isn't, or even what exists and what doesn't, it can make using an application challenging. For example, on the page where one creates filters for reports, the criteria action options don't show up unless one hovers. And on the table creation (or deletion) page, the options are only faintly there until one gets right over them. (Now, that's probably good so one doesn't willy-nilly delete tables and mess everything up, but that's debatable if one can't even see the options.)

We are looking forward to implementing more and more features. In fact, our company is so excited about this product that they felt it was vital for me to attend the QuickBase Empower 2015 Conference!

If you implement QuickBase, sign up for every blog, email, update, alert, and webinar that they offer.  Don't miss out on any of the new FREE features - like bubble charts, funnel charts, and automatic syncing to many other products. 

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarit_user189603 (Tech Support Staff at a training & coaching company)

QuickBase makes our company run so much smoother and we can see progress quickly. Try it you'll love it like we do. Great staff to work with also.