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    It is quite configurable, which is the most exciting feature. We can easily configure it as per our needs. It's a good tool for workflow automation.
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    It's very easy to build an app using this solution.The solution is excellent at figuring how to build an application in three months. It makes it very quick and easy.
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    It provides us with real-time data on all connected systems in terms of how they're integrated with each other and how they are performing in a workflow manner.
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    It has a well-designed architecture and is a simple 3rd party application.Oracle APEX improved our organization by making it possible for us to implement agile project development.
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    Its stability, performance, and usability are most valuable.It is very modular in approach. It is very light, and it can be used on various devices. It could be used on an Android phone or a laptop, which makes it good for the sales team on the road.
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    When it comes to the speed of development of the applications with Zudy VINYL it has been the fastest and most powerful that I've been able to do. We've tried building things from scratch. It takes an enormous amount of time. We've cut that time by probably a fifth, with more power. I've been very happy with the speed of doing things in Zudy VINYL.
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  9. There is literally a ton of stuff it can do. It's very flexible.I like the mobile features the most, and there are also various features around the portal we created that I enjoy.
  10. ServiceNow offers a lot of features when it comes to IT service management and IT operations management. What interested me in ServiceNow was that a lot of service management.

Low-Code Development Platforms Articles

Muhammad Shaamel
Sales Director at Orangekloud Inc
Mar 30 2021

Building apps is soon going to be a common routine for Business Analysts, IT Managers and Operational Executives with strong business process knowledge and understanding of how the web works.

With the advent of Rapid Mobile Application Development Tools that either needs some handwritten coding or absolutely No Coding whatsoever, the dependency on an IT Department of a company having to take the burden of application development is soon going to be history.

And what with Gartner's report indicating that by 2023 more than 50% of enterprises developing applications will be resorting to Low Code Application Development strategy (that even includes NO CODE application development as well).

I happen to work with a No Code RMAD tool with which I am able to build simple to complex Enterprise graded Cross-platform Mobile Applications using visually developed logic flow, Drag and Drop of components and functions, Using existing templates to simplify my UI / UX design exercise, integrating to any Backend Databases of ERP/CRM with ready to connect Connector components and able to preview my app on any device (Mobile or Web) on the fly.

The key takeaways for developing with such RMAD tools are

  1. Relatively simpler learning curve and adopt a ZERO CODING Tool (compared to learning a programming language even to write a few lines of code).
  2. Building Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with a single Build / Codebase (compared to building apps that are platform-dependent).
  3. Faster development and speed to market (B2B Apps can be built with No Code from as low as a few minutes to as high as a few weeks).
  4. Integration to Backend Databases a breeze with ready-to-use Connectors available on the No Code Development platform.
  5. Reducing Resource, infrastructure, and Operational Costs to the barest minimum – One developer can build mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. No Code Development platform on the cloud minimizes additional server and other infrastructure maintenance & Operational costs.
  6. Anyone with some basic understanding of building logic with good business process knowledge – relieving dependency on IT Department’s Application development capabilities.

As rightly said by the CEO of GitHub, Chris Wanstrath, the Future of Coding is No Code at all – maybe it's high time some serious thought is being put into this line of thought for future application development.

Find out what your peers are saying about Pega, Microsoft, Appian and others in Low-Code Development Platforms. Updated: May 2021.
479,323 professionals have used our research since 2012.