QuickBase Review

This cloud-based solution completely replaced our combination of Excel, legal pads, Post-It notes, and a massive shared drive.

Valuable Features

Auto notifications, required fields, conditional drop downs, and mobile compatibility are all key for us. The simple fact that it's cloud based was a huge improvement on what we were using. As they rest of the company jumps on the QuickBase ship, it helps that I can relate one application to another.

Improvements to My Organization

We were using a combination of excel, legal pads, Post-It notes, and a massive shared drive. Our field personnel would have to VPN in to retrieve docs and submit photos, and in the office people would spend hours hunting around for lost folders. QuickBase centralized our job tracking, took us paperless, and automated several positions.

Room for Improvement

The user interface is week and outdated. It would be nice if it were easier to customize without the use of code.

Use of Solution

4 Years

Deployment Issues

Yes, but not because of QuickBase. Our team here needed some serious change and management help. The original architects of our spreadsheets held on to them like a security blanket.

Stability Issues

Other than an outage that lasted a few hours shortly after deployment, no. From what I understand they operate on redundant data centers, so no worries.

Scalability Issues

Quite the opposite, QuickBase has scaled wonderfully. We are a high-transaction construction company and our apps handle the scaling without a second thought.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Customer service was fine. Nothing I'd write home about, but nothing to complain about either. Communication could have been a little better and our rep left the company shortly after purchase.

Technical Support:

Customer service is top notch! They have a great team and it's been a treat each time I've needed help. At first I was irritated that I could not call in directly, but their email case management has been great.

Previous Solutions

Previous solution was spreadsheets, Buildertrend, Post-It notes, and Google calendars. We needed something that was entirely cloud-based and centralized. So short version, we did not have a solution in place.

Initial Setup

Initial setup was rather complex as QuickBase does not allow the structuring of reports and tables as easily as Excel.

Implementation Team

We implemented using CirrusOps. Their level of expertise is outstanding. Eric and his team are top notch. We have been relying on them for over 6 months and they continue to exceed our expectations.


We've doubled our job capacity and reduced our headcount by 20%. Not to mention that we now have visibility into the business that we never imagined was possible.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Look for ways to share a license with a team or similar job functions if possible. Other than that, pricing is not bad.

Other Solutions Considered

We looked at Buildertrend and Salesforce, but neither could be customized as needed. Did not seriously evaluate anything other than QuickBase.

Other Advice

QuickBase has been a game changer. Some have even called it a God-send. Our clients now ask us for reporting on their businesses that they can only get from us because of QuickBase. Not a week goes by that our field based employees don't call or email expressing their love of QuickBase.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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