PRTG Network Monitor Money Saved

Has this solution saved your organization money? If yes, approximately how much and why.

Anton James
IT Manager at Silverstring LTD
It has definitely saved the organization money. We see ROI from the fact that the company hasn't had to employ another person to back me up because I'm fixing stuff in the middle of the night. It's like having another admin there to help look at stuff.
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IT Coordinator at ENGIE Renewables Ltd
The solution has definitely saved us time. Monitoring on an ongoing basis is the best thing because before there was monitoring of your services - servers, ping rates, all that sort of stuff - you wouldn't know until something fell over that there was a problem. Being able to monitor it on a regular basis makes it so that your system is stable and stays up.
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Systems Specialist at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
It has saved money because it has avoided system downtime by enabling us to be proactive.
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Group Information Security Manager at a comms service provider with 201-500 employees
Subjectively, it probably has saved our organization money, but it would be difficult to quantify it.
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