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Technical Director - Data Center Solutions at Atrion
May 01 2014

What is most valuable?

First let me start by saying I have been using system monitoring tools for a very long time. I first cut my teeth with HP Openview "back in the day" and most recently with Microsoft System Center which I have now completely replaced as a monitoring and alerting system with a bit of software called PRTG from a company called Paessler.Here are the top 10 strong points of PRTG: - Rapid deployment - But, there are best practices for sure... - Highly scale-able - Intuitive interface - quick learning curve - Inexpensive to license - Accurate - Works with most infrastructure without customization -… more»

What needs improvement?

There is not much not to love in this software but one item on my wishlist that has yet to be addressed in an intuitive way is the ability to use and manage templates. This would allow you to apply templates easily and then modify templates easily.

What is PRTG Network Monitor?

PRTG Network Monitor runs on a Windows machine within your network, collecting various statistics from the machines, software, and devices which you designate. PRTG comes with an easy-to-use web interface with point-and-click configuration. You can easily share data from it with non-technical colleagues and customers, including via live graphs and custom reports. This will let you plan for network expansion, see what applications are using most of your connection, and make sure that no one is hogging the entire network just to torrent videos.
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PRTG Network Monitor customers
Jameson Bank, Sidnix, RungeICT, MedicalAnimal, Truck-lite, GamingGrids, The Covell Group, Forsythn County Schools, NetMass, Musgrove Park Hospital, Lanes Health, Columbia Southern University, Vodafone, Intrust Bank
Nice product with an easy interface to use and a large variety of sensors.
PRTG has improved our visibility and response time to issues related to remote sites.
The product is simple and easy to implement.
I can create my own program sensor. This means I can add extra monitoring capabilities into the already fundamentally strong foundation.
It helps the entire organization become digitally enabled.
I really love the activity library. It gives the flexibility to discover data and metrics about my interface and data server.
It improves the status of my infrastructure, from networking devices to real-time machines.
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