BPM Tools: What is the best alternative to Signavio?

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I am looking for a BPM tool and I would like to know what are the best alternatives for Signavio?


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Hi Tuslim

As a recovering low-code skeptic, I have looked at a lot of the options out there. You can find details, comparisons, reviews, and more here on IT Central. 

Personally, for my work internally and with clients, I am a huge fan of Bizagi. The cost to model, develop, and test is just in manpower. The tools are free. Costs come in when you move to production. My current client is on-prem, but there is also a cloud option. TCO is favorable compared to others in the top-right quadrent of Gartner or top right of the Forrester wave. 

Officially,  I am on holiday, so I will keep this short until my return, lest The Boss sees me work g when I am supposed to be relaxing :) 



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It really depends on what your ultimate goal is. Are you looking for a tool for doing only modeling or one that you can leverage into a starting point for intelligent process automation? What do you dislike about Signavio? What do you like? 

I'm happy to help, but the more you can share, the better the recommendations from others here on IT Central will be.

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@Art Hebbeler, PMP Hello Art,
Thanks for the reply. We are looking for a software with a combination of process mapping, modelling, automation. Together with that the tool should help the risk dept to manage controls and risk. I am thinking of software like Nintex and ARIS.

What are your thoughts?

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@Tuslim Mohaungoo Well, for my money, Bizagi is the tool of choice. Add in an RPA tool like Automation Anywhere or UIPath or Blue Prism and you have a very strong suite at a great value. 

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Yes it really does depend on what you are trying to do. For just process modelling you could look at IBM Blueworks Live.

But if you want to export BPMN models to other non IBM tools then you will hit the Achilles heel of Blueworks Live. This is an area where I think Signavio does well.

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We are very happy with Signavio and the end-user acceptance is high. But depending on your goal other options could be alternative, e.g. Adonis.

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I must admit I am a bit biased but QualiWare is the tool that you are looking for. Whether for just business process management (using any number of notations including BPMN), to add risk management with controls, or as a full-blown Enterprise Architecture tool that can feed a process engine. OOTB QualiWare implemented on-premise, in a private cloud or SaaS gives you all of the functionality that you will ever need. BPM and EA tools can help drive business transformation, organizational change, and corporate agility so they need to enable two-way engagement with the whole business, not just within IT. A key value driver for QualiWare is that content consumers don't need to know the software - just need to be able to use a web browser to access, analyze and update process/repository content (driven by a full OOTB governance workflow engine). We have been doing this with great success for over 10 years using QualiWare for clients of all sizes (100 -100,000 staff). https://www.closereach.ca 

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Hi Tuslim, Signavio is ranked #1 and highly rated on IT Central Station, so you may want to read some of the reviews in your process. Having said that, you can see the list of alternatives to Signavio.

Hope that helps!

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