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Sr Network and Security Consultant (SDN & Security) at a media company
Reviewed Cisco Umbrella: Offers protection from DNS-based…
Owner at a tech services company
Reviewed Forcepoint Web Security: It has protected clients against…
Presales Engineer at DataProtect
Reviewed Cisco Umbrella: Provides important ransomware…
Chief Technical Officer at Accountabilit
Reviewed Zscaler Internet Access: The web proxy feature blocks…
IT Security Consultant at a integrator
Reviewed Forcepoint Web Security: Technically good...too much…
Global Information Security Architect at a construction company
Reviewed Zscaler Internet Access: Centralized firewall that protects…
IT Security Engineer at isit
Reviewed Forcepoint Web Security: Unifies Network Resources with…
Security Tem Leader at a tech services company
Reviewed Cisco Umbrella: Good interface and cloud dashboard…
Chief Executive Officer at a tech services company
Reviewed Zscaler Internet Access: There is a single panel where you…
Network Engineer/ Administrator at Katalyst Technologies
Reviewed Cisco Umbrella: Threats never come close to your…
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