Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Review
It's compatible with Mac. I can do tasks that require Windows. For example, Excel field add-ons.

Valuable Features

It becomes easy to use since I am using a Mac. It is easy for me to use Windows when I'm using the remote desktop. It's very compatible with Mac. It's easy for me to do any of my tasks that require Windows.

Improvements to My Organization

For my university project, I was doing a data mining project. I had a Mac which does not support the Excel field add-ons that only Windows supported. The report desktop feature helped me to just commute into it.

Room for Improvement

The speed should be a little more. When you're pitching from Mac to Windows, it takes a little more time than what is required. It can improve its speed. That's it. Everything else looks fine. I just started using it a year back, so that is what I can point out right now.

Use of Solution

It has been a year that I have been using this solution.

Stability Issues

It's stable. Actually, it is fast and compatible. It's quite reliable.

Customer Service and Technical Support

As of now, I haven't found the need to reach out for support. Everything was fine, so I didn't have any questions.

Other Advice

I recommend it. You can actually use it. I have worked as an intern in Electronic Arts and they do use it.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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