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Dynamic with great centralization of resources and excellent collaboration capabilities

What is our primary use case?

Our main function for the solution is definitely for the applicant tracking system. Any position that we need to fill internally for the company, has to go through here. We go through our approval process with the different managers and then once it's approved, we post it. We use the product to source candidates, track our candidates throughout the interview process, collaborate with managers as well throughout the hiring process in terms of candidate feedback, and communicate with candidates as well. There's multiple different features and functions there, however, overall it's just an applicant tracking system, essentially.

How has it helped my organization?

I'm still working remotely. It depends on where you're at within our company here in the US however, I sit in Houston and we're working remotely right now. It can be a bit tougher when you can't just pop down the office and pop your head in and say, "Hey, can you take a look at this candidate?" With everything online, it is just super easy now.

The major benefit would be a faster hiring process, or potentially getting someone in the seat faster. The product is reducing that time to fill. Collaboration with the hiring managers and even easier engagement with candidates and being able to keep track of communications makes things happen really fast. You can look at the solution and answer questions like" Did I reach out to this person? Have I screened this person? It's really helped reduce time to fill in that regard. Just being able to streamline the communication has made every aspect easier.

What is most valuable?

The features that I've found most valuable would be the collaboration with the hiring managers, and being able to get them more involved in the process without having to shoot emails back and forth and having the inbox gets so jammed up, especially these days. 

It's nice to have one central location where we have all of our candidates that we're speaking with in one area. We also have our feedback there. It's like a LinkedIn or a Facebook for our internal hiring process. That's really what I equate it to. That's my number one feature, especially coming from an applicant tracking system where we didn't have that. 

The second thing I really like about the product is the candidate experience side of things. It really allows for more interaction and engagement with our candidates. Even if that's just being able to give feedback right away to candidates, whether they're a good fit or not. Just being able to interact with them easier and they know where they stand in the process as well without me having to necessarily directly speak with them.

What I really like about it is that it feels minimal, but is also dynamic. There aren't a lot of ways to get lost, which is good. Sometimes with different hiring managers we work with, if they're not so technical, some people can get lost. However, there are just enough navigational abilities where it's just a few options. It just has minimal options for individuals who otherwise might be a bit overwhelmed with new systems.

What needs improvement?

We still have things that are popping up where we realize we need to add some items. 

The first pain point for us is when we're scheduling interviews with candidates. We don't have an integration with a Microsoft Teams link yet. We can use the SmartRecruiters system to set up interviews, phone interviews, and those are easy. However, since we don't have a Team link or a Zoom link integrated into the system, we can't send out those invitations with that link. You still have to do it separately. It's not entirely an all-in-one process. That's been obviously a very recent pain point with the uptick and video interviews.

In terms of customization, that's been a bit difficult as well. The way that we have it set up is we don't have a team here in the US with my company internally to be able to make the changes needed. SmartRecruiters is a newer product and so it seems we have to go through a waiting period to get changes. Whether that's having to make changes internally or waiting for SmartRecruiters to make those updates or changes in different features. The speed as to make those changes regarding feedback can get bogged down a bit.

The solution needs to work on a single sign-on.

I would like to see the communication feature within the candidate profiles. Sometimes with the emails, it can get a bit clunky as well. Sometimes those emails, when they're getting sent to candidates, they don't look the best, or maybe it doesn't feel like those emails are being sent in a timely manner. I'm not quite sure if they can fix that either. However, we don't have quite, a detailed process laid out ourselves, in terms of recruitment. 

For how long have I used the solution?

I've been using the solution for about a year at this point.

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

I would say it's a stable, reliable product. It has its hiccups here and there as every other system does. Overall, I'd say there haven't been any major setbacks or anything that's really kept us from being able to move along here. It's reliable.

What do I think about the scalability of the solution?

We haven't really scaled it too much. I'm trying to think of any new processes that we've added. It's been pretty similar users. We've been adding users here and there as needed. We haven't really scaled it to the next round of users yet. We haven't scaled it that necessarily, it's just been on the fly so far, and only as needed and one or two users at a time.

In terms of the number of users we have, I can only speak for the U.S. essentially. I'd say it's at least around 200 to 300 users. For the most part, it's just the decision-makers, Business Unit Leaders, and Line Managers as well. Mainly, it's just the individuals who have a team underneath the management mostly, and recruiters as well as HR.

The solution is being used very extensively. I use it every single day. I've seen quite a lot of activity, especially on a global scale. 

To my knowledge, there are no strict plans to increase usage. However, we do have a plan to increase it to eventually include everybody in the organization, no matter what level they are at. Whether that could be an entry-level employee, just utilizing it to see what other career opportunities there are internally. That's where we want to get it to work. 
Being able to get our employees to see possible career growth and just kind of give them a better idea of what opportunities are out there internally is the next step for us.

How are customer service and technical support?

Tech support has been pretty good. I typically will send an internal message to our support team. If they can't solve it on their end, then they escalate it to tech support. And I would say they do a pretty good job of getting back in touch with our own internal support team as well. I would say if there are any issues, they're usually resolved within a week or two easily.

They're quite responsive. Customer service always seems pretty on point. I really haven't run into anybody from that side who I would have an issue with or anything like that. They do a pretty good job.

Which solution did I use previously and why did I switch?

With my current company, we used Taleo previously, which I didn't mind. I do find it to be a bit clunkier. I've heard that from others as well. Maybe it's not quite as user friendly from our perspective. I've used utilized Taleo and then previous to that, I did use Salesforce as well. That was when I was doing recruitment and also business development. That was a great tool. I would say, if you have the money, Salesforce definitely is the way to go for applicant tracking as well. I know that's a separate thing, however, that's a pretty good system too. 

When I'm looking at SmartRecruiters, it's definitely great compared to Taleo. It was a great move for my current company to move towards that. However, if I look back at my experience with Salesforce, it definitely doesn't compare to that necessarily. Of course, they aren't exactly the same types of products.

Utilizing Taleo, managers didn't have the same access as they do with SmartRecruiters, being able to see every candidate that applies, which can also bog you down a little bit. However, they can see what they're missing out on or what they're not missing out on. They can see the other side, and it allows them to understand, more so, where I'm coming from, or give them a little insight into the world of talent acquisition. The biggest lesson has been with the hiring managers if they do want to be involved. If they do want to collaborate, SmartRecruiters makes it easier for them to do that.

How was the initial setup?

The initial setup seemed straight forward. What I did like is that it did seem like there was a decent amount of room for customization, especially within our company.

We had a global rollout. Depending on what country you're with, we were able to customize whether to offer detailed features. We could set it up so that we're sending offer letters, or even setting up the requisition or creating a job within the system that could be customized as well. 

It was a bit of a blank slate there. It could be considered tough as well as you have to really take a look at your process and think okay, what's important? What do we absolutely need? Is this a need or is this a want? I liked being able to customize it as needed, however, then it also left a lot of open space to where it would kind of have been nice to have a bit more of a focus if that makes sense.

For the deployment, we had a global team who lead the charge for all the countries throughout the globe. In the U.S. it was just me and two or three other individuals who led the rollout for the U.S. only.

I would say the entire deployment took a few months definitely from start to finish. I would say maybe upwards of three months were needed for us.

The deployment plan was essentially to try and figure out what the requirements were in terms of what we're missing. We had a couple of recruiters involved. We had a software developer involved and someone on our HR side as well to help us in figuring out the different endpoints that were needed there.

What we did is we would work with global. They would give us the initial outline of what they wanted. We would customize it. Then we would test it in kind of a Sandbox Environment, posting different positions, try not applying to different positions. We did a lot of testing back and forth for a few months. Then, once we kind of got it all worked out, we ended up just releasing it initially to our Recruitment Team here in the U.S. And then just to more of the Higher Level managers or Executive Level managers to have them get used to it, rather than kind of giving it to the whole organization.

There definitely would be some maintenance, at least once a quarter since we're still working on getting it kind of really straightened out. We have a more technical person who handles that aspect of the product.

What's my experience with pricing, setup cost, and licensing?

I wasn't involved in the pricing part of the deployment and therefore do not know what the company pays for the product, or how often they are charged. I'm also not sure of any extra charges beyond the standard licensing fee.

What other advice do I have?

I was involved in implementing the solution in my current company here, and that was in just this past May or so. This is my first year using it. We're using the web application of the solution. We're using the most recent version of the solution.

I definitely would recommend the solution to other users. What I really like about SmartRecruiters is communication and collaboration between candidates and internal clients or managers. It's a very user-friendly system for end-users and for individuals like myself. I feel like it was easy for internal employees as well to adapt quickly, as long as they used it as much as they should. It's laid out a little bit like a social media platform would be, whether it's Facebook or LinkedIn, which makes the usage very intuitive.

Anyone can easily just be able to jump in and start using it within a day. Overall I would definitely recommend looking into implementing it.

A negative lesson that I've learned is that it does take time to get people to get to that point with new things. Even though it's more fun, interactive type of a product, Iin terms of a tracking system for end-users and myself, it does take time to get everybody up to speed and just able to get the system where you want it, to where it works for our organization to save time. When we're automating our offer letter process inside the system, we're still having to make some updates regarding that, as we have a bunch of different business units that have changing roles and needs, and sometimes it can take a little bit longer to make that change. It still takes a lot of time to get it where you need to be. However, I don't know if that's exactly focused on SmartRecruiters. That can just sometimes be just the way it is for all implementations projects in general.

Overall, I would rate the solution at an eight out of ten.

Which deployment model are you using for this solution?

Public Cloud

Which version of this solution are you currently using?

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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