Veeam Backup & Replication Review

We utilize the integration with VMware. Reporting via PowerShell is useful for our daily checks.

Valuable Features

The overall backup tools, as we use this to prevent data loss.

Improvements to My Organization

Coming from tape backup environment to using Veeam and cloud upload dramatically changed and improved our backup process. The increase in backup speed was truly amazing, backup windows shrunk, we can also perform more frequent backups if more protection is required. There is obviously also the integration with VMware (which we utilize) and administration via PowerShell. All this, together with CloudBerry allowed us to fully automate our backup and offsite upload process. Reporting via PowerShell is extremely useful too i.e. for our daily checks.

Room for Improvement

Below, you’ll find various suggestions from both my admins and myself that would improve Veeam Backup

  • Built in upload to external storage. Using apps like Cloudberry, even though it can be automated, just adds unnecessarily complexity and one more point to break
  • Integrated and intuitive orphaned snapshot management. When things go wrong during backups, you can be left with orphaned snapshots consuming more space on your storage than is immediately visible. This can be very problematic under certain conditions. Integrated visibility into this would be very helpful in these cases.
  • Ability to shrink VRB files as servers are removed from jobs
  • Ability to reconnect VRB’s in the chain
  • Ability to attach and backup physical servers
  • Better visibility of deduplication percentages

Deployment Issues

Only issues were with licensing. Mixed versions across sites made licensing a bit difficult. Also, having to use Cloudberry to upload to AWS S3 is not ideal, although it does work OK.

Stability Issues

The product is very stable.

Scalability Issues

It is highly scalable.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I haven’t dealt with Veeam support, but my team say that tech support is decent and the skill varies significantly from tech to tech. We've discovered more solutions from the user forums than through tech support.

Initial Setup

Setup is very straightforward. Creating backup jobs and remote storage learning curve is not intuitive, but a quick scan of the documentation allows for quick study. Difficulty level is low.

However, having to use a separate application (Cloudberry) to upload to AWS S3 is very cumbersome and seems like something that should be integrated into the core product.

Implementation Team

We performed it in-house and did not use a vendor team or a consultant.

Other Solutions Considered

I wasn’t part of that project, but I believe at the time we also looked at AppAssure and Veeam was more flexible for us and more economical too.

Other Advice

This is perfect backup solution for small to medium businesses that have an onsite VM environment. If you’re using AWS S3 for off-site then look elsewhere. This does not support it natively despite what their marketing might lead one to believe.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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