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Stephen Larcara
Sr. Toll Systems Engineer at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees
Mar 12 2021

I am trying to determine if we need to specify and justify the cost for FM200 fire suppression.

Client has about 24 sites each with a computer equipment room containing anywhere from 3 to 5 racks with 3-4 Dell and HP servers, CIsco network switches, patch panels, UPS and batteries. Many of these locations will go to unstaffed in the future.

Richard ArtesNo, i've been working it IT for 20 years and never seen a fire in a server room (yet). However I have seen a flood when there was a particularly heavy rainstorm that flooded the car park and then made its way into the basement of the office block. The rain was so heavy it set all the car alarms off in the car park. It's like insurance, you hope you never need it. But one day you just might.
CvanderHI have never experienced a fire in a data center but have seen some hazardous server rooms.  It basically comes down to insurance and how badly damaged the equipment is and if not you have a redundant/fail-over/disaster recovery solution in place.  Fire damage like water damage means game over, you will be looking to replace all IT equipment.  Apart from physical damage you must also take downtime into account.  So it's weighing up the cost of replacing the data center and downtime versus a fire suppression system. You may find this article interesting: https://www.missioncriticalmag...
Jerry KFire suppression solution is always recommended in a HVDC environ. If you want to insure your DC, most insurance providers also insist on this. A short circuit in the bldg or Acts of God are unpredictable. It's industry best practice to fire proof your DC. Still a geographically remote DR is also recommended. So no matter whether you have a fire in your DC, the investment on fire suppression solution is highly recommended. There are many fire retardant materials available these days for protecting your DC, yet it's a risk that you may decide to override.. 
Bhawna Pathak
Feb 05 2021

I'm looking for use cases or case studies for customers using a Lenovo ThinkSystem SN550 Blade server. Can anyone help?

Manager7a60Blade systems help reduce cable sprawl Increase density for compute per rack Plug and play adding or replacing
Bahi E
User at ee
Feb 04 2021

I need to figure out which is the best blades technology nowadays, especially Dell vs. UCS. If anyone has suggestions I will be thankful.