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What is Rack Servers?

Rack Servers are, as their name suggests, servers that are mounted on racks inside a data center. Racks vary in size but most are 19” wide and 45 U’s tall. A “Rack Unit” (RU) or “U”) is a vertical measurement of 1.75” (44.45 mm). Racks contain bays or multiple mounting slots, each one designated to hold a hardware unit attached securely in the framework.

Rack Servers exist as a low-profile configuration as opposed to more upright tower servers built into a previous vertically standing cabinet unit. Efficient and time-saving, Rack Servers consolidate network resources and minimize square footage. IT Central Station IT key opinion leaders find measurable ROI by deploying these versatile and economically feasible additions to essential business workloads, with agility and scalability.

IT Central Station IT experts are looking for quality components when configuring Rack Servers. It is essential for a Rack Server’s configuration to have simple cable component connectivity. It must have a special cooling system for excessive heat buildup when squeezing so much into such a confined and limited space.

Many infrastructure managers value server density as a quality of rack servers. Density refers to the amount of compute capacity that can be placed on a single rack. This may be measured by processor cores per rack or compute cycles per rack. It’s a constant balancing act, with the desire for density being offset by the realities of heat and energy use. The more compute density in a rack, the more heat it generates (and the more cooling it will require) and the more energy it will consume.

IT Central Station experts are motivated to vertically scale Rack Servers, which adhere to an IEEE IT standard. They are configured in multiples, as loaded but compact physical servers. Rack Servers deliver an opportunity to install many other IT devices within the structure, which also adhere to the IEEE standard, such as SAN devices, Power Backup devices, and Rack Consoles. The addition of Rack Servers adds value to an IT team as hardware vendors are providing software tools to help teams manage servers and often the devices themselves.

Rack Servers Reviews

Read reviews of Rack Servers that are trending in the IT Central Station community:
Your trust is our top concern, so companies can't alter or remove reviews.
Rack servers report from it central station 2017 10 14 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell EMC, Cisco and others in Rack Servers.
233,557 professionals have used our research on 5,892 solutions.
Rack servers report from it central station 2017 10 14 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell EMC, Cisco and others in Rack Servers.
233,557 professionals have used our research on 5,892 solutions.

Rack Servers Questions

Student at TAFE NSW _ South Western Sydney Institute
Sep 26 2017
Anonymous avatar x30
reviewer516108Hi Team, Have a look at some of the links below and see if it... more »
Bob whitcombe li?1427124692
Bob WhitcombeI suggest checking the key benchmark sites directly – TPC-C, SAP etc. Each... more »
0edcac53 33f1 4668 999e 0b6b50637d1d avatar
Joseba Garrido GonzalezI don´t know in deep Cisco servers, but if you compares a HP and a CISCO with... more »
Ddp 8148
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Aug 29 2017
45e1416e 100e 436e b0f7 e99029544f6e avatar
Christian FlorensaSecure, remote management, that includes KVM, and is accessible via web and... more »
6ad2c24f fc62 43f4 82ad ab2e5670a4dc avatar
Chris LionettiRemote IP based KVM. The days of KVM switches are long dead and dont scale.... more »
Picture 2062 1366925335

Independent Analyst and Advisory Consultant
Greg Schulz is Founder and Sr Advisor of the independent IT advisory and consultancy firm Server StorageIO (StorageIO). StorageIO provides advisory and consultancy services in and around data infrastructure, cloud, virtualization, container, software-defined, NVMe, flash, object storage,... more>>
Omar sanchez mr tech avatar 1434666108?1434666106

Information Security Advisor, CISO & CIO, Docutek Services
About my business: Docutek is a leading business and technology consulting company specializing in the development and implementation of healthcare technology since 2008. We deliver Consulting, Integration, Support and Training. We also provide clients with security assessment. network... more>>
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Senior Consultant
Specialised in (partly) designing, building, maintaining, troubleshooting and optimizing Microsoft & SBC / VDI (Citrix) oriented infrastructures for mid-sized companies.

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