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Ariel Lindenfeld
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IT Central Station
Dec 07 2018
On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate Arbor DDoS solutions, and why? 
Rhea Rapps
Content Specialist
IT Central Station
Aug 09 2018
One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is Cloudflare vs Imperva Incapsula. One user says about Cloudflare, "They were able to truly disrupt the market because prior to them, only enterprises had access to such features. They offer free CDN to all websites."Another user says about Imperva Incapsula, "By using this application, the firewall is blocking every suspicious activity and event. Now, we are safe. We have peace of mind that nobody will use malware on us or try to hack our website" In your experience, which is better and why?
Carlos AvalosHello, happy to be able to help, although cloudfare has the largest CDN network and currently distributed, what we should look at when choosing a DDoS solution is in the technology of scrubbing center, this technology is what allows filtering and stop attacks of this type more easily, although the incapsula CDN network has 40 PoP in the world all of them are scrubing centers, versus the rest that if I remember correctly only have some with this technology, I hope I have helped you I insist that both solutions are good. Greetings.
Barry GreeneNeither is better or worse. Full disclosure, I’m build new security tools @ Akamai. Some would say Akamai is better than both. But... in truth it all depends on: 1. What service you are defending. 2. What is your tolerance of “DOS downtime” to your business. Each company is going to be different for different reasons. There is no “this one is better than that one.” It is ALL SITUATIONAL ON THE ORGANIZATION”S REQUIREMENTS!. For example, if I have an API I need to protect from DOS attack because there are IoT applications which depend on it, I would look for a API scaling solution (like Akamai) or a IoT scaling solutions (Akamai’s IoT Edge Connect). Contrast that with me and my personal website. It is simple and straight forward Wordpress. Easy for Cloudflare (which I use). It does not mean one is better than the other. It just means one fits the requirements/cost.
Sudesh Kumar BhadouriaHello, As Carlos and Barry mentioned all of them are good. One has to choose CDN based on their priorities like if their main priority is saving website from DDoS or Performance or Quick Site failover mechanism and of course keeping it under cost. If you go with Cloudflare they have more PoP then Incapsula. When it comes to origin shield, you need to buy it separately in CloudFlare but in Incapsula its included. There are lot of factors on which you can differentiate between them but i would personally suggest instead of comparing two products, firstly write down your needs and prioritize them. It will help you to choose right product under your project budget. Cheers.
Anonymous User
User at a government
We have two ISP's and host our own websites and services. We need to provide failover and load balancing to services we offer.  When an ISP goes down we need to have internet users redirected to the secondary site.  We want our internet services load balanced to both ISP's.   We are looking at Cloudflare, DNS Made Easy, DYN and Neustar.  Looking to see what others are out there and if any listed are better than the others and why.  DDOS protection is a must as we have been hit by a DDOS attack in the past. We currently host our own outside DNS but have found that we cannot provide failover with two ISP's at different data centers. 
reviewer159315Imperva Incapsula is the solution to have for DDoS at L7, L3 and L4. This effective solution also provides CDN, LB, ADR, DNS protection, SIEM integration and of course has an awesome WAF! Cloud based, OPEX only - no HW!! Easy to use - done and done!
Neustar UltraDNSNeustar UltraDNS is an industry leader and pioneer when it comes to managed DNS services. With 20+ years of experience and non-opensource software that runs our DNS platforms, we are able to provide 100% uptime and availablity backed by our industry leading SLAs. As far as your questions are concerned, we offer both Load Balancing Services: https://www.security.neustar/resources/product-literature/ultra-dns-traffic-controller, so working with both of your ISPs will not be a problem. We also offer monitoring and failover services: https://www.security.neustar/resources/product-literature/ultra-dns-sitebacker. At a very basic level, we include some of these services for free in all of our packages, unlike our competitors. When it comes to DDoS protection, Neustar offers SiteProtect NG: https://www.security.neustar/resources/product-literature/ddos-mitigation-service-product-literature, included in all DNS packages to protect against DNS based DDoS attacks. If you are looking to protect other online assets, including Web Applications, our DDoS protection services + WAF can take care of those needs as well. We do have one of the largest DDoS mitigation networks on the planet, and are expanding rapidly in the years to come. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns and we'll be more than happy to assist you with your needs. Neustar UltraDNS

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