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Apr 25 2018
We have two ISP's and host our own websites and services. We need to provide failover and load balancing to services we offer.  When an ISP goes down we need to have internet users redirected to the secondary site.  We want our internet services load balanced to both ISP's.   We are looking at Cloudflare, DNS Made Easy, DYN and Neustar.  Looking to see what others are out there and if any listed are better than the others and why.  DDOS protection is a must as we have been hit by a DDOS attack in the past. We currently host our own outside DNS but have found that we cannot provide failover with two ISP's at different data centers. 
reviewer159315Imperva Incapsula is the solution to have for DDoS at L7, L3 and L4. This effective solution also provides CDN, LB, ADR, DNS protection, SIEM integration and of course has an awesome WAF! Cloud based, OPEX only - no HW!! Easy to use - done and done!
Neustar UltraDNSNeustar UltraDNS is an industry leader and pioneer when it comes to managed DNS services. With 20+ years of experience and non-opensource software that runs our DNS platforms, we are able to provide 100% uptime and availablity backed by our industry leading SLAs. As far as your questions are concerned, we offer both Load Balancing Services: https://www.security.neustar/resources/product-literature/ultra-dns-traffic-controller, so working with both of your ISPs will not be a problem. We also offer monitoring and failover services: https://www.security.neustar/resources/product-literature/ultra-dns-sitebacker. At a very basic level, we include some of these services for free in all of our packages, unlike our competitors. When it comes to DDoS protection, Neustar offers SiteProtect NG: https://www.security.neustar/resources/product-literature/ddos-mitigation-service-product-literature, included in all DNS packages to protect against DNS based DDoS attacks. If you are looking to protect other online assets, including Web Applications, our DDoS protection services + WAF can take care of those needs as well. We do have one of the largest DDoS mitigation networks on the planet, and are expanding rapidly in the years to come. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns and we'll be more than happy to assist you with your needs. Neustar UltraDNS
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Trying to advise client who's considering Prolexic, but it's cost-prohibitive compared to Arbor Networks. Any feedback on both is welcome. 

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