Find out what your peers are saying about Alfresco, Box, Micro Focus and others in Document Management Software.
291,977 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Find out what your peers are saying about Alfresco, Box, Micro Focus and others in Document Management Software.
291,977 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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What is Document Management Software?

Document Management Software (DMS) runs a system that digitally manages, stores and tracks electronic documents and electronic images of scanned paper resources to archive an organization’s business history. This process is necessary for internal, governmental and compliance purposes. In a large organization, reduction of paper and storage are a great benefit along with tracking versions and modifications of documents by different users. Document Management Software needs to be able to keep up and grow with it.

IT Central Station IT and Devops managers know that depending on the circumstance, Document Management is interchangeable with other management terms for various organizational departments such as: , content management systems, document imaging, digital asset management , workflow and records. Document Management Software is available for all types of business systems from small standalone, to much larger enterprise configurations, serving an ever-more- mobile workforce.

Document Management Software generally provides storage and versioning of metadata with security, indexing and retrieval capabilities. IT Central Station users manage components including capture, validation, indexing, storage, retrieval, distribution, workflow, collaboration, searching, publishing and reproduction. An organization will need to incorporate and capture content, and manage document repositories, COLD/ERM, output systems and information retrieval systems.

Organizations are on the move, so the need for flexible and agile Document Management Software for Web-based documents also needs to provide fast information sharing, integration and emergence capabilities for IT Central Station users who are looking for maximizing productivity, saving time and improving collaboration and transparency. Document Management also covers portability with thumb drives, smartphones and tablets and has added layers to the dynamic of the structure of media and media types, including voice, text, images and capture of global digital meetings.

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