Oracle Service Bus Review
Helps us in building reusable, well-defined services

Primary Use Case

Integration. Writing of services. It's a proxy layer.

Improvements to My Organization

It helps in building reusable, well-defined services. 

Valuable Features

It is lightweight and one can easily integrate with different applications, databases, JMS, or Web services through different protocols. 

Room for Improvement

It needs to support more adapters, because the integration points keep changing and new things keep coming up. It also needs to be more scalable.

Stability Issues

Stability is very good.

Scalability Issues

I have seen that it is able to perform under high-load transactions. It was very good at supporting high transactions, up to 300 transactions per second. That requires more servers, obviously.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Sometimes we have issues, so we'll raise them with Oracle. I would say their support rates eight out of 10.

Initial Setup

It needs some knowledge of different artifacts and you also need to have some knowledge of Web servers, the application server, something about the database; at least some knowledge. It is not very difficult and not easy. I would put it somewhere between easy and medium complexity.

Other Advice

When selecting a vendor, at least from the architecture and the developer's standpoints, looking at the implementation and scalability are the two most important things.

Oracle provides good documentation, look through that. This solution is advisable when you need some kind of layer in between, so that it acts as middleware for different systems. That's where you will need to use this.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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