Oracle Taleo Review

Our employees are now able to electronically sign completion and reporting of their training, although it lacks archiving capabilities.

Valuable Features

Documentation of in-the-seat training and documentation of E-learning.

Improvements to My Organization

Oh yes, when we began to utilize e-signatures it saved us a lot of money because prior to that we were manually documenting completion, we have 12,000 employees so it was a lot easier to put a notice up and have an electronic signature in which everyone signs off and then report on it.

Room for Improvement

Customer support. It is very cold, you put a ticket in and you might get a response back an hour or two later. For example I have a problem now, and there is absolutely no-one that can answer my question. They may get back to me five, six or seven hours later and ask a follow up question. So a simple question can take two or three days to resolve. Because they our based in California and we are on the East Coast, if they follow up with me after 5pm I don’t see the question until the next day. Therefore you play this tag game and unfortunately by the time they tell me they are looking in to it, I have already moved on. I may have created a work around, or they just tell me the problem no longer exists and still have no answer of why it messed up in the first place. It can be anything. They don’t have a good triage. I know if it’s a level one they get back to you. But if they say they have a bug, it can take months.five months, six months, a year. There is a user website and we have a service request open for nine months and it’s still waiting to be implemented. If I ran my department like that I wouldn’t be running it very long. You are at the mercy of them, as it’s up to them if your product is worthy enough of being reviewed. The other big thing with this particular product. They really need someone who is an expert in it. Because when you talk to a support rep and they don’t know the product, they can’t help. So you really feel there is noone there. Oracle says turn to consultants but if your company doesn’t have the budget. Then you are left talking to Oracle, and Oracle just doesn’t respond.

Use of Solution

I've been using it since 2006.

Stability Issues

They split us in to two servers last month; we have seen an increase in speed. There were days when the system was absurdly slow. So, it would take a while for reports to run and go from one page to another. My biggest complaint about that is those of us who have used the system for a long period of time, they have no archive capabilities. That’s going to bite them very soon. I have nine years’ worth of data in the system, and I have to keep all of that. I have approached people at Oracle they say you can purge some data, but I can’t for legal purposes. I have to wade through all of this old data that I can’t get rid of, I should be able to archive and then report on it, but I can’t. Let’s say you have a large organization which is 100,000 employees and each one of them has to do five learning items every year, those 500,000 items, you start multiplying that by five years, that’s 2.5 million items. It will start slowing the system down.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

The customer services are very nice when they do get in touch and they do try to be helpful so I’d give them a 7/10.

Technical Support:


Implementation Team

We implemented it in-house.


We have made an ROI.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

The pricing is quite good. Licensing, plan ahead especially if you are in a growing business. You don’t want to lock yourself in.

Other Advice

I’d say overall it’s positive, if they shored up the support and service I think I’d be ranting and raving about this group. The only other thing, I’d say they are secretive about product enhancements, and I know they have this this product. They don’t want to talk about anything until they are sure. It’s difficult when they release new items as you have to learn them after they become live. If they just had more time to train us on the new features I’d be more inclined to use them when they came out. What ends up happening is a new feature comes out and two to three weeks later they may hold a training session for it. Therefore you have to schedule a time and take a look at it and see if my company can use it. I don’t like the way they do that, giving you the instructions after implementation.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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