Quest SharePlex Review
For core replication its performance is the fastest, and replication to multiple targets is also efficient

Improvements to My Organization

I can't answer, that would violate client confidentiality.

Valuable Features

The core replication and its performance.

Performance is crucial, and SharePlex is by far the fastest. The way it handles replication to multiple targets along with basic filtering, as well as from multiple sources to a single target, is very efficient.

Room for Improvement

For its function in relation to replication (i.e. filtering), I'd give it a six or seven out of 10. GoldenGate has much more functionality by comparison. Queue manipulation as well. It lacks functionality for refining data during the replication process (which GoldenGate, for example, is capable of).

In SharePlex terms this would be function-based data partitioning (which it doesn't have in the above-stated versions).

Stability Issues

Only in version 5. Version 6 and onward became quite stable.

Scalability Issues

Only in version 5. Scalability has improved, even in minor versions, from version 6 and up.

Customer Service and Technical Support

On a scale of one to 10, nine.

Previous Solutions


Initial Setup

Initial setup is actually quite easy. When dealing with partitioning of data, (advanced filtering), it starts to become a bit complicated, but not a big hassle.

Pricing, License Cost and Setup

I haven't dealt with pricing and licensing.

Other Solutions Considered

A proof of concept with GoldenGate was set up but wasn't completed, as GoldenGate wasn't fast enough (at that time - maybe it is today). GoldenGate was in scope, but failed in performance.

Other Advice

If performance is crucial, SharePlex should be your primary choice. If functionality in filtering (changing replicated values or adding calculated values or anything like that) is a priority, GoldenGate wins.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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