Cisco Meraki Wireless LAN Pricing and License Cost

Stephen Biastock
CEO with 1-10 employees
If you are wondering if Meraki can work for you, contact one of their representatives because they will do onsite trials where you can set up their system. If it does not work, you can send it back to them for no charge. View full review »
John Mc Arthur
Vice President at Radeon Technologies Ltd.
Meraki is certainly not the cheapest solution. The coterminous licensing that they do is a challenge with some of the sites where there's corporate and franchise sites. If a franchise is buying in and they want to put them on the same dashboard, it means that their license is going to expire earlier than it should. The fact that if you don't license it, it just stops working has been a challenge. It's not as friendly as would be ideal, where other solutions will not allow you to do any changes but it will keep working. If some of our clients are less organized at renewals this is a little bit adverse. MX appliances are a little overpriced for their power. View full review »
Aimee White
Website and EComm at a local government with 10,001+ employees
Negotiate the deal put in front of you! View full review »
Henrik Kruse Lykkegaard
Network System Engineer at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The price can be negotiated. View full review »

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