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CFO/COO at swyMed Incorporated
We've used a LogMeIn and there was something else that we've used, a solution that a partner of ours used which we tried for a while. TeamViewer seems to be a much more complete, stable, and reliable solution. It's hard to make comparisons because it's been so long since I used LogMeIn. Longer ago than that, I used to use a VNC product that conceptually did the same stuff: gave me remote access to desktops. That was clunky, but it was probably as good as could be expected given the tools at the time. As a user who has been given remote support access via LogMeIn, what people have done with LogMeIn's help function seems easier than what we do with TeamViewer. That may be entirely because we're not organized well enough in our TeamViewer implementation to be doing it the right way. I certainly don't want to bash TeamViewer's capabilities, because I think it's more likely that we just don't know all the things we could do. With LogMeIn Rescue, the technician gives you an ID number. You put the ID number in and they're in your computer. And TeamViewer can probably do the same thing. I just haven't gone through the process of learning how to make that happen. The way we do it via our website is that you click a link, you download something, it pops open, it gives you an ID, the person then tells you the ID, then you're in. It's a couple of extra steps, rather than just being a web browser access. View full review »
John DeMillion
Director of IT at Chester County Intermediate Unit
We tested a number of other remote control solutions hoping for one that would stand out, because of the problems we had seen during our testing with TeamViewer on macOS. Unfortunately, they were all actually worse than TeamViewer. In the end, before moving to TeamViewer, we evaluated LogMeIn, ConnectWise Control, Royal TSX, Devolutions, Dameware Remote, Goverlan Reach, and Radmin. View full review »
Rich Mayo
Owner at Sensible Solutions Inc.
I looked at LogMeIn Rescue and PC Anywhere in addition to TeamViewer. At the time, TeamViewer was a version license, whereas LogMeIn was a subscription. But one of the big things that really drove me to TeamViewer was seeing how much of the resources it was using on a computer. I installed both solutions and looked at them from the point of view of the client. I looked at the resource usage when they were running and the performance. That's what sold me: the interface and the performance. View full review »
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Link Porterfield
Founding Member at
LogMeIn started this rush to higher prices whenever they got bought out and chopping off lower-end tiers. A lot of people in my industry had been using them for a long time. I never cared for their solution. I always thought it felt clunky and didn't think it worked well, but plenty of people did like it. I don't know if it was the pricing that was the primary draw, or what, but there were many people in my industry who were leaving LogMeIn after their 400 percent price hikes. View full review »
Dan Wilkening
Network Administrator at Parksite
There were a couple of other vendors that we looked at, but we just liked TeamViewer. One of the guys that I work with had used this solution before, so it was sort of his suggestion. He had tried it at his place that he had worked before. and said, “We ought to try this, because we'll really liked it." So, we got its demo and had it for a couple of days. Then, I said, “I'm sold. This stuff is awesome.” I haven't found anything else nor has anybody has pointed me in another direction saying, "Oh, you should use this instead, as this is way better." View full review »
Felician (Felix)Farcutiu
Technical Support for Commercial Theater Division at a media company with 51-200 employees
We have some sites with LogMeIn because it's a matter of politics. Some companies will not allow you to install TeamViewer. They will only allow you to install LogMeIn. Some others will not allow you to install any software like TeamViewer, LogMeIn, or others. Therefore, you need to go buy a remote desktop (RDP). For sites that do not allow us to install TeamViewer, LogMeIn, or other software, we use Cisco VPN. This requires a lot of software to install. It needs to run a program through it. You need some administrative passwords that need to be typed every time. It's a lot of security. In the beginning, you don't have sound from the other computer, and it's hard to transport files. While we use LogMeIn and remote desktop, in 99 percent of the cases, we are using TeamViewer. TeamViewer is very easy to deploy when you have a corporate license. It's easy to install. It's upgrading all the time. Everything is perfect, as long as you pay. Screen resolution is a huge advantage of TeamViewer over LogMeIn. We have clients with multiple screens. For example, if the client has three screens, when you are connected, you will be on one screen and don't know which one. With TeamViewer, you have a selection. You can select moving from screen number one to two or screen two to three. You can also put all the screens into an all in one or see the best fit. It is easy to use, but LogMeIn is also easy to use. View full review »
IT Director at a healthcare company with 51-200 employees
We have looked at several other options in the past (e.g., VNC, Webex, and GoToMeeting) before taking on TeamViewer. A lot of them were just way too expensive. We are a small nonprofit organization, so pricey was not something we could look at. The fact that TeamViewer was cost-effective was a big sell for us. The fact that it supports many platforms was also attractive. View full review »
GIS Developer at a transportation company with 11-50 employees
I tried using WebEx and another product as well. They didn't work as smoothly as TeamViewer. We've tried using Microsoft Teams. Using that, you can take over and control the other person's cursor, but it's really cumbersome. When I use TeamViewer and get it up and going, it's almost like I'm just sitting in front of that computer. Aside from the couple of icons and menus that are off to the side, you can't even tell that you're not using the actual computer. WebEx is great for doing meetings. TeamViewer may be doing great for doing that but I haven't really used it for that. TeamViewer is much better for doing remote access than WebEx. For the stuff that I use every day, TeamViewer works better than other products, especially when I want to take over control of another computer. The other products that I've tried are not nearly as good when I do that. TeamViewer is the best. View full review »
Jason Miller
Application Engineer at AirTies
I've used VNC in the past at another company. I like TeamViewer a bit better, as it has more tools built-in. The File Transfer thing is awesome, and it also runs faster than VNC. VNC is free and easy to set up, but it's not user-friendly nor does it have as many options as TeamViewer. VNC doesn't have the powerful UI that TeamViewer has nor does VNC echo the screen like TeamViewer does. There is also pcAnywhere, which is more PC-centric (not sure if it will work on a Mac). TeamViewer has a lot less overhead versus pcAnywhere. Also, I know that TeamViewer can anywhere and on a Mac. View full review »
Maintenance Supervisor at Atlanta Metropolitan State College
The remote connection process has been one of the easiest of all the different programs that we have used. We have used LogMeIn and ShareConnect. There was another one back in the very early days. This solution has been the easiest process to connect into. Comparatively, TeamViewer is much easier to deploy, easier to use, and adopt than LogMeIn or ShareConnect. View full review »
Windows Server Administrator
We looked into VNC and LogMeIn. TeamViewer was a much simpler, easier way to connect up. It's a fast and simple setup and it just works. View full review »
Tawanda Sibanda
Sponsorship at World Vision Zimbabwe
I have always known TeamViewer, but we tried some Microsoft solutions. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about TeamViewer. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
431,024 professionals have used our research since 2012.